What Made You Want To Work For ADP?

What inspired you to work for ADP? What made me want to work for ADP? Their training program their commitment to training. Growth, the opportunity. The atmosphere and the culture really caught my attention. A better quality of life. I also looked at their involvement in the community as well as their ratings and
that’s what really made me decide that this was a company I wanted to work for. How do you help your team succeed @ ADP? Accentuate the positive environment,
overemphasize and encourage each other. One of the things is really making sure
you listen to them, what are their concerns, what’s going to help them be
successful, removing those roadblocks that are out there and and making sure
that they can be successful in their position. How does ADP provide opportunities to give back to the community? It’s great to work for a company
that actually cares about the community. We’ve done quite a few events, charity
events, we’ve done a Habitat for Humanity. The feeling that I get when I
go out and actually do some volunteer work for this company I mean it’s just,
it touches me, the fact that you’re giving the people who don’t have, that just, I
mean that’s what it’s all about paying it forward. Ready to make a difference?

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