What to Wear on a First Date: 6 Casual Date Outfit Ideas

Hey gorgeous! This is Shilpa Ahuja, reporting the future of fashion. First dates can be
really fun and yet unnerving to prepare for. Especially if you’re excited about
your date. You want it to all go well and end with the promise of a second date.
And that’s what calls for a special outfit. What to Wear on a First Date Just like in an interview, on a
first date the conversation begins before you even open your mouth. Your
body language and style send subconscious signals about you to your
date, which is all okay because you, too, are picking up on his subconscious
signals. Your date may find out whether you made an effort, what kind of a person
you are and even whether they want to take it any further, just by looking at
your outfit. That’s a lot of pressure on a simple date outfit, isn’t it? Well, don’t
worry, I’m here. I’m your style BFF. So let’s start with the basics. Your first
date outfit needs to: 1. Be Comfortable. A first date can go very far if
successful. You only have a chance at a real,
meaningful relationship if you spend quality time with them. If you really hit
it off, a first date it can extend from, say, coffee to an ice cream. And you
really can do that in an itchy, uncomfortable dress. Because your dress
needs to say, “Hey, look how comfortable I am with you.” So if you are wondering what
to wear on the first date, choose breathable fabric, the right fit and
something that doesn’t make you fidgety. 2. Let You Be
Yourself. What makes you feel the most like yourself – jeans, skirts or dresses?
Whatever it is, wear that. Your first date outfit should be about you, not
about the one you are going with. A little experimentation never hurts, but
don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you’re true to yourself, even your date
will reciprocate and they’ll try to be themselves, too. And that is the
foundation of a strong relationship. 3. Show that You Made an Effort.
Your first date outfit needs to be comfy, feel like yourself and yet, make it seem
like you put some thought into it. So gym outfit, pajamas or drab clothes will
probably not cut it. If you look presentable, your date will feel that you
cared enough to plan your look and it will make him feel special. It will also
encourage him to dress up for his next date, plan nice things and in the long
run, these are the things that keep the romance alive. 4. Look Effortless.
Totally contradictory to my previous point, and this is where it gets tricky.
How can you make it seem like you put an effort and yet look effortless? Well, the
trick is is to find the right balance. Your first date outfit should make it
seem like you put some thought into it, but it should not make you seem
overdressed for the occasion. For example, you don’t want to dress for a gala when
all you’re going for is a coffee date. Seeming over-eager can also be
off-putting, and that’s not the kind of impression you want to make on a first
date! 5. Keep Your Body Type in Mind.
Needless to say, whatever you wear should accentuate your best parts because
that’s how it’ll make you feel the most confident. Casual Date Outfit Ideas: a lot
depends on where you are going. I don’t believe in fashion rules, so I’m not
going to get into the specifics. I don’t think that there is one “perfect date
outfit”. It just depends on what you’re in the mood for and what your personal
style is. A really casual date like coffee calls for low-key outfit. You can
try a knee-length A-line skirt, paired with a pastel
top. It should be effortless, yet well put together. A cross-body bag or
a hand-held one may be the best bet. For something even more casual, like a sports
game, a pair of boy-jeans with a t-shirt is the perfect option. Pair it
with a messy bun and sneakers. For a brunch or lunch date, a cute light colored
dress is the perf option. You can add heels or sneakers and keep the jewelry
minimal. For a drinks date, you could opt for a top with jeans or a skirt with top.
Accessorize with a necklace or bracelet. A dinner and movie date is the classic
one that calls for a flexible outfit since you want an evening look that’s
also casual. A little black dress may be the best option. Add a jacket or cardigan
if the weather is cold. Flats or wedge heels should be a
comfortable option since you might be walking a lot. For a fancy dinner, try a
midi or knee-length dress. Think lace or embellishments. Add a clutch and heels.
You can go for a bun or loose curls. If you ask me what to wear to a first date,
the answer doesn’t end with just clothing recommendations. Keep your
makeup light to go with the casual date outfit. And simple accessories go a long
way. So, my gorgeous, I hope you enjoyed my first date outfit ideas. What are you
gonna wear to your date? Lemme know below! Muaah!

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