19 Replies to “What’s It Like to Work In The Fashion Industry?

  1. I work in the fashion industry in the uk and have worked for a number of big and well known designers for about 10 years and even though some have been a joy to work with some have almost taken my life and still to this day txt and follow me.
    i can not say i have suffered like the people have done in this documentary i can say that the problems seen are not just in the countries listed, they are here in the uk and the government have not seen it. I have worked for designers for years and given no workers rights as we are not seen by them that govern. I have worked for designers that have threatened and pushed me to self harm, i have been made to stand up in front of the studio as the designer shouted at me and told me to say sorry for being too slow, iv been made to work from 9am to 1am and only paid £15 a day, i was told i was stealing for putting my hours down and told that they will not pay the 30mins i have been working and that i should be grateful they do not call the police. I now work for some fantastic designers who know my past and that give me respect and give me rights but to this day i still have threats and txts saying that they are watching me and know what im doing. In uk fashion we have very little rights and we are unseen. I have been made so sick and still to this day have flash backs of times i wish i could forget like pet dogs in the studio freezers and given no lunch break and being made to undress in front of a full studio and even grovel for my job and made to beg forgiveness just for saying i should have a work contract and sick pay. The problem is so big and never seen and sometimes feels like we will never get help or protection by the law. We are the ones that make fashion worth thousands but get nothing but abuse and if a wage at all it is only enough to scratch a living.

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