What’s it like working as an Area Manager at Amazon? Amazon Careers

“Have you understood everything?” Welcome to Amazon, welcome to my area. My
name is Dennis and I’m Pack Area Manager here in Graben, in MUC3, south Germany near Munich. Welcome to Amazon! I’m Johannes and I am an
Area Manager for customer returns and vendor returns in Amazon’s distribution centre located
in the south of Germany. Hi, welcome to Amazon. My name’s Mark Beagley,
I’m the Inbound Area Manager here at Peterborough. Hi, I’m Adam Wheeler and I’m an Area Manager
at Amazon. I’m based at the Amazon site in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Hi my name is Ingo, I’m an Outbound Area Manager
in Orleans France. I’m responsible for the performance, productivity and quality and
safety of my department What I enjoy about Amazon is our customer
obsession. My decisions have a real and direct impact
on our customers. I create a shift plan based on customer demand
and actually get to see the customer orders fulfilled. What’s important at Amazon is being able to
put yourself in the place of the customer. So whenever we have a decision to make here,
all you have to do is ask yourself: is this something I would want to receive if I were
a customer? I’ve been working at Amazon now for just under
a year and the best thing for me, is the people. What I really like about my team is that it’s
an international team. It’s a really hands on team and it’s just a pleasure for me, as
an Area Manager, to work together with those people. Everybody brings something different to the
table, I don’t have one favourite thing. I like the people and the challenge.We’re always
looking for better, more productive ways to work. One of the success stories that I have about
our customer obsession, is when we received an unexpected spike in orders. I made the decision
to order extra vehicles to ensure that all our parcels got to our customers on time. “No problem, come back me then I’m sure
we can accommodate.” That’s a great feeling and a great experience
to enjoy. I’ve never been bored at Amazon, never ever. No two days are the same And every day feels like it’s Day 1. In the two years I’ve been at Amazon, growth
is strong. Three sites have opened in the UK and I myself started at a new site here
in Doncaster. We’ve gone from being a sortable site, which is DVDs and books,
to a non-sortable site which is TVs and microwaves. And you will have to work hard but you will
have even more fun. When I started working here we actually started
theme days, where you dress up according to a certain theme. You start seeing some pretty
crazy people, who like to take it to the limits. Amazon’s motto is: Work hard.
Have fun. Make history. If you like working with great people, and
you love a challenge, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you come and experience your own
first Day 1 at Amazon?

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  1. Really u have to do 1 item in 33seconds and that was a person who ran a lot and someone got fired because he threw his back it and had to go home half a day early

  2. To much false advertising on amazon, i ordered a 2RX8 and got a 2RX4 server memory (always keep your dispatch confirmation email) but it won't help as when you return the item they say its the item you have "which you never ordered". This is the game they pull all the time, if you don't get a receipt with the item start worrying. I don't use amazon no more, prefer ebay.

  3. I have been an Amazon custormer for a few years. My first call when I want something is to look it up on Amazon. I have to say, I have never been disappointed with either the goods or the service which in my opinion is first class. Thank you Amazon 🙂

  4. Most of the complaints here are from uneducated, disgruntled $12/hr associates. Don't blame others for your lack of performance. The lowest man on the totem pole will always be overworked. Don't like it? Make a change.

  5. I will testify for almost anyone who has a case against Amazon. Dirtbag company. Abusive lake of human rights. Physically and mentally abusing employees. Evil Gulag style Company.

  6. I get a kick everytime I walk into a warehouse and see all white boys lol fuck around and work circles around yall while you talk about your v8 engine lol

  7. Amazon is a slaveowner and we are all the slaves. Don't support the evil Amazon empire. They are communists and support sweatshops and exploiting children. If you support Amazon then you support slavery and child labor. Wake up before Amazon owns your ass!!!

  8. Interesting video. Thinking about taking a job as an area manager. The hours aren't terrible and the pay is amazing. Benefits seem like a huge perk also. I'm guessing the "anger" is coming from the unskilled work and people that were fired.

  9. My husband is an area manager for Amazon and loves it!! He’s a hard worker and loves a challenge, so it suits him. All the bitter people on here obviously have the shittier low paying jobs on the floor. Maybe if you worked as hard as you moaned, you’d move up in your company too. Just saying….

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