What’s The Difference Between Employed & Self Employed When Looking For A Mortgage?

A lot of people think that getting a
mortgage or remortgaging when you’re self-employed is either hard or
impossible. This is not true. In fact, getting a mortgage or remortgaging is no different than when you are employed. Let me explain the difference. Whether employed or self-employed you will need to prove your income. Employed people are typically asked for three months worth of pay slips for proof whereas when you are self-employed you are likely to be asked for a minimum of one year’s trading accounts. This is the key difference between being employed and self-employed. But if you are able to prove your income then there is no reason that the lender
won’t consider you for mortgage approval. As you can see the difference is
negligible and self-employed people have just the same opportunities as employed people. There are many factors that lenders look at when considering mortgage approvals. At Nest Financial Services, we regularly help self-employed people with their mortgages. Call us and let us take the hassle out of getting you your mortgage.

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