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When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong. Vernon Franklin was
an exceptional young man. He was the valedictorian
of his high school class, won several scholarships, and became the first person
in his family to attend college. He got a good job and worked
14-hour days, 6 days a week, quickly becoming
the youngest vice president in the history
of the Via Corp Corporation, ending the cycle of violence
and drug addiction that had plagued
his family for generations. The officers of his company
were wrapping up the usual Thursday meeting
in the South Conference Room when Frank Murphy,
the man who had mentored Vernon, made an awkward comment. Vernon, great job, buddy. You the man.
Give me some skin, huh? Vernon got along with all
of the people he worked with, which in his heart of hearts
made him feel like an Uncle Tom. Though he could have ignored
the simple comment his mentor made,
Vernon decided to keep it real. Get your motherfucking hand
out of my face. You heard me, motherfucker.
Get your hands outta my face. What you think this is, man?
Just shake my hand like a man. “All right, give me some five
on the backhand side with all this crazy jive.” It’s bullshit.
Want a little soft shoe? Should I juggle some
watermelons for you, boss? Fuck all that, nigger. Hey, Vernon, buddy. Get your motherfucking hands
off me, Frank. This ain’t a game. This isn’t the Vernon I know. Allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Hov You never heard that before,
have you? Rap music is dangerous.
I used to beat motherfuckers up just like you just for
walking around my way, nigger. Vernon, Vernon, buddy. You better sit the fuck down,
Frank. Excuse me? I said sit down, bitch.
Thug life. You think this
is a game, nigger? Wu-Tang. Today, Vernon works
at Sonny’s Fill ‘Er Up on Route 80 in New Jersey. He makes $6.45 an hour
and stinks of gasoline, even when he’s not
at the station. It’s as real as it can be. Dollar? What I’m gonna
get with a dollar, nigger? I got kids,
and that’s real. Vernon Franklin, once a heart-
warming story of perseverance. Wu-Tang. Today, a sparkling example
of when keeping it real goes wrong.

100 Replies to “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Chappelle’s Show

  1. I've had a couple of moments in the workplace in which I've been inches away from "keeping it real" and having a nigga moment. Thank God I've been able to hold it together… I don't know if it's because I'm not black.

  2. 1:26 "Allow me to reintroduce myself😳😳…MY NAME IS HOV"😂😂😂…Best Jigga line ever….Even better when Dave did it💙💙💙👥👥👥🙏🙏🙏

  3. Real shit racist ass white people in power do that shit to all black people Reparations for Black people with interest.

  4. When keeping it real Ghetto goes way wrong, he ends up cleaning toilet chip at the waffle House. Now that's real fukked up.

  5. Actually "keeping it real" may have saved his soul… Why sell your soul to corporate devils? "Better to be broke eating a dry morsel, than have a feast with the wealthy and carrying the burden of their greed."

  6. This is the best way to quit a job. You'll be a legend at that place. They'll be talking about years after you gone. No one will remember you if you simply turn in your 2 weeks notice and leave

  7. The face when they freeze the shot right before he comes undone…it kills me.


  9. I saw a similar event when after i did my first interview at Walmart. When i was waiting on my 2nd interview, i heard a street guy was doing an interview. It was so bad and cringing i felt so sad for him. How he did his first interview was so thuged out is was so. The first lady interviewed pass because i believe she was black so she understood his answers and i did to. Then his 2nd interviewer was a white lady. SMH OMG. His speech sound was so street talk mixed with a little prison/ghetto/slang talk she didn't offer him the position. I felt so bad for him because i knew he really wanted the job but to a lot of white career people they wouldn't want him. His answers sounded like he knows how to get a task done. We eventually saw each other in the store when we was waiting on our rides. He had on property interview wear. I saw the many tattoos on his face and he also mentioned the white lady kept staring at his tattoos on his face. I passed the second interview because they offered me the job and he told me to come back tomorrow to get the paperwork for drug test in offer letter to accept the job but on his second interviewer I heard her say well if we need anyting we will look things over and let you know or call you back.

  10. This is such a great video, but black people think it’s just them. Lol. They don’t realize we all feel fake when we get in professional settings. Lol. That’s why we hang out with coworkers after work to get to know each other for real. So we don’t have to shout WU-TANG!

  11. To this day anyone who is named Frank I immediately say “you better sit the fuck down frank” whenever they stand.

  12. i always felt the 'after' or 'result' sequence to be by far the weakest part of any of these kinds of skits – SNL is the worst for that. They could have cut it off after Dave barks and yells 'WU TANG!' and it would have been just as hilarious! Dave has the funniest body language and vocal inflection evah!

  13. This sketch should be showed to this young generation cause that's all they know is keep it real and turn up but they don't realize it's a hard road ahead with that mentality.

  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2WQ18VoMniQ









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