Where Are the Creative Jobs?

We all want an interesting job by which we mean one that allows for a high degree of creativity There used to be quite a lot of creative jobs around But they’ve been disappearing since at least the middle of the 19th century In that century the English art critic and social reformer John Ruskin pointed out that the medieval building industry had once left its builders– room for a huge amount of creativity evident in the way that these craftsmen had had fun carving Gargoyles grotesque animal or human faces in distinctive shapes high up on cathedral roofs The stonemasons might have had to work to a fixed overall design and their toil was not always easy but the gargoyle symbolized a fundamental freedom seen in many kinds of Pre-industrial work the freedom to place a personal creative stamp on one’s work Nowadays, there are some creative jobs around of course but the majority of those involved in Making and selling say phones or furniture or buildings will have no opportunity to be creative themselves They belong instead to a highly anonymous army of labour Working with in vast companies and that executes the creative designs of a lucky few Modern capitalism has radically reduced the number of jobs which retain any component of creativity in them Take for example. The Eames chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames Which went into production in? 1956 it is a highly distinctive creation that deeply reflects the ideals and outlook of the couple who designed it if They’d been artisans operating their own small workshop They would perhaps have sold a few dozen such chairs to their local customers in a lifetime instead because they worked under modern capitalism many hundreds of thousands of chairs have been and Continue to be sold That’s wonderful in a sense but a side effect of this triumph has been that the demand for well-designed interesting chairs has been substantially cornered a New creative person wanting to make a new kind of office chair nowadays has to face the fact that it’s already possible To buy a very nice example Designed by two geniuses and available for rapid delivery at a competitive price in other words You won’t stand too much chance of success We’re familiar with the idea that the wealth of the world is being ever more tightly concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of people the infamous 1% but capitalism doesn’t only concentrate money There’s a more poignant less familiar fact that it’s only a small number of people are sometimes Overlapping but often different 1% who can have interesting that is creative work It’s telling that we are at this point in history Obsessed with the romance of individual creative geniuses our society has developed an ear fetishistic interest in stories of brilliant startups colorful fashion gurus and idiosyncratic Filmmakers we might like to think we’re turning to them for inspiration But it may be more the case that we are using them to compensate us for a painful gap in our own lives Just as it was in the 19th century during mass migration to cities that novels and pictures about country life achieved unprecedented popularity among newly urban audiences The many interviews and profiles of creative types in the media at the moment mask the fact that for almost all of us it will prove almost impossible to compete against the forces of standardization Far more than because of anything we may ourselves have done most of us are highly likely to find a considerable portion of our work free of opportunities to carve our own gargoyles and Therefore will find it distinctly boring We are certainly richer now than we’ve ever been and then we ever were in a pre-industrial world But our work is arguably a lot less filled with day to day Opportunities to mark what we’re making with a stamp of our own creative spark To join a community of like-minded people who also enjoy watching and discussing our videos You can download our app just follow the link on your screen now

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  2. i worked in warehouse and production … it was a nightmare … i dont know how some poeple can work there for years .. i worked there for a month and i was depressed af. Every day order picking or packing … terrible job. The true slavery of modern world. They fired me becouse i wasnt working fast enough.

  3. I've never felt more validated after one of these videos than I do right now. I'm incredibly lucky to be making soundtracks for video games for a living, and while I'm sometimes a little short on cash, I do have an enormous amount of creative freedom in my work. Feeling very grateful. 😅💙👍

  4. I think we do a lot of repetitive stuff but it can lead to different outcomes. I mean jobs don't have to be creative overall, just make it creative by ,you know, adding something unordinary. Besides we all live in the same world that is inevitably evolving which means some things we will like some things won't, Just accepting it without being a drama-lama can save a lot of hustle.
    I believe that being a learner at work is better than pitying yourself about working at repetitive job. If you don't like job,why not to try another one?
    We don't necessarily have to make our own business ,we can just hop from one job to another to learn and to experience new feelings.
    Just adjust to the world without feeling down, it's easy if you spend time you spare for complaints on something you like
    Hope I did deliver my point of view

  5. You talked about Gargoyles at the top of the building which represents like 5% of the structure. But who made the stupid rectangular building below by laying bricks upon bricks in a mundane fashion ? Creative jobs were rare all along the history. Not everyone gets to make their gargoyles. 😂😂

  6. You’re right ONLY IF a creative job means #MakingACHAIR -My mom and dad were interior designers who owned a furniture store -They were creative everyday.

  7. Props to animators and illustrators of this video. Very very very well done!

    Ideas represented – It seems to be very limited and shallow thought on creative jobs topic. Firstly the definition of creative job presented here is a bit limited to stereotypes than what it actually is.

    Anyway, thank you!

  8. This is ridiculously hypocritical! It's only scam ads by QNET and others, constantly delivering fake messages to a vulnerable audience watching therapeutic videos. Please, control the ads on the videos!

  9. I am an artist. I am formally educated. I have had many jobs. A couple were fairly creative. To make enough money to live with a sense of relative security I now work a fairly mind-numbing job. So I spend a lot of my leisure time making the kind of Art that lifts my soul. I give a lot of it away and sell some of it in local Art walks. I feel grounded and grateful to live in the age we live in.
    This video glorifies the past.
    Actually in the past, MOST people worked from sun up to sun down or longer six days a week and lived in poverty. Real poverty the likes of which us cell phone carrying, uber riding, Netflix chilling, Grubhub eating contemporaries have no appreciation for.

  10. I appreciate that there’s is a brief highlight of the video written in the notes. I love having access to the written word. Several podcasts I listen to provide written transcripts for their listeners. Any chance The School of Life would consider doing this? It would be so helpful. 🙏🏼

  11. It's either safe and boring or risky and creative, choose your poison. Creative person is persistent, you have boring job, do something creative after. Creative work is hard, why does everybody wants to work harder?

  12. Creativity is hard to measure so you can't create a 'job role' around such a parameter without having to closely manage it at which point you may as well do the job yourself…Its often the creative ppl who create the job role to free them up from having to do the boring stuff so they can focus on being even more creative.

  13. You pull this crap right out of your butt. Even the slick attempt to some how suggest that some time in the past, before capitalism got "too big and evil", that there were more gargoyle craftsmen than let's say regular brick-laying stone masons – just for fun let's consider that today's version of a factory line assembler. These videos are designed to just fuel resentment for capitalism. Creative job positions will always come with higher competition for them – including those gargoyle craftsmen, ya know, back in the heyday. Likewise, new creative products or businesses will always come with a risk to compete in a market where buyers typically want something as cheap as possible. Stop blaming the "capitalists". It's a two way street, that capitalism. Which is getting far easier to build a small, creative business by the day.

  14. people see the people that are successes. when they play a game and hear how so and so pulled their life together and put together the game and it's a massive success, they think I can do that too. artstation got a blog where they talk about people who are now making a living from their website, where before they were not. but I always wonder about the people who do not. Who slips through the cracks? How many exactly? I read recently on someone's blog about how as an artist they feel they have to keep upping their skills higher than ever and feeling it does not pay as much for that.
    and at the same time others say they are succeeding. As someone who is trying to be an artist, working on skills, but still not there (the ladder is very high), I don't have a perspective that I can really see what the actual struggle is. It ends up just feeling like some percentage skill, and some luck. No idea how much though. And I feel others are also unsure on the exact numbers. We see a lot make it and a lot don't. I heard a very depressing figure that for every 15 students getting this college degree in this creative field, only 1 actually will go on to get a high end job. And that is for college students, not those without those resources?! So yeah, and yet everyone around still continues to sound optimistic. It's very messed up, for sure. I do wish we lived in a time where much more people made gargoyles for a living.

  15. Let's see. In the beginning we were hunter gatherers. Then we had agriculture. Then we had factory jobs. Throughout human history very few people relative to the population engaged in "creative" labor because there simply wasn't time for it. You can only roll your eyes at the absurdity of people think the world today is any different than before. What is different, is that there are far more creative jobs than ever in the history of the world.

    If you want to be creative, be creative: on your own time and your own dime. In the world of work, your creativity is limited to the boundaries of the job. And there's nothing wrong with that. There are a lot of goofy people that think being creative means there can't be a single rule to limit it. Programming is coming up with creative solutions to complex problems.

    If your job is your life, you have no life. Work is 40 hours a week. There are 168 hours in a week. That means your job is only 25% of your life. And that's only when working full time. When you retire, you have more time for creative pursuits with little concern for income.

  16. This video awaked up some of my fears of the incertanty, since in couples months I will graduate from Architecture school and I am realizing that the majority of the job opportunities I will be faced up with are very below my initial expectations (not when it comes to money but instead when it comes to having time and space to make a real contribution to our urban environment). Some of my peers also share the same struggles and are starting to demand for a change or in some cases being the change creating new ways of putting their skills to a good social use; so I have hope that maybe, being history cyclical, in the future more and more individuals will stand against emptiness of values and unworthy standardization and demand quality over quantity.

  17. Software developer. Your bosses won't understand what you do well enough to stifle your creativity. If they do know enough, they will know better. Keep in mind this does not make you a graphic designer, and it is not for everyone.

  18. Bullshit propaganda. This channel is trying to dismantle your morals and fill your head with lies. There are more creative jobs now than ever, and you have capitalism to thank, not to blame. Stop blaming the system for not having what you want.

  19. Industry/ Mass production did this The School of Life..not capitalism. This lack of personal freedom in design is and was also present in socialist or communist countries before they fell. Capitalism is merely a consequence of freedom, namely the freedom to make and trade.

  20. Imagine how long the apprenticeship was to become a master and build a gargoyle. Probably started with carrying stone, then making round stones into square ones for 20 years. If you made a mistake it was literally in stone.

  21. This message misses the point. Creativity is not about the work itself or the result, it is about the intention we have when doing the things we do. If we are mindful and in the moment, no job in itself is boring. Any work is as creative or as boring as the intention and attention of the person who is performing it. Anything we do with love and attention, is creative in itself, no matter what it looks like from the outside. Come on School of life, you can do better than this. Be creative!

  22. There are a lot of people in the comment section who have criticised the content of the video. And I agree with a lot of them but I'm also trying to understand what the video was trying to say.

    I guess what the video was trying to say was that in the past you could be creative with the mundane jobs that you were given. There was far less standardization with regards to how one actually worked. Thus even though there was a standard way of making gargoyles, an individual builder could, even if he was a mere lowly worker, add his own touches to it or approach its construction in his own way. He may not get paid much for it but he did have a considerably larger space for attempting minor innovations in his approach. Which meant that even if the job wasn't 'creative' by itself, there wasn't much of a desire to escape or find inspiration beyond one's occupation to satisfy one's creative impulses.

    Ofcourse there were and always will be jobs which won't allow men to be creative. But with industrialisation the way we view creativity itself has changed. For the artisans of old times it was a way to add meaning to their lowly jobs, like a humble potter engrossed in painting stick figurines on his pots to be sold in the bazzar the next day. He wasn't a particularly famous potter ; neither were his pots objectively better than those of others. His product was a solution to a problem, yes. But it wasn't invented by him and neither had he made any fundamental changes to its design. His creativity was purely for himself. It wasn't meant to serve any greater purpose or even to be appreciated by the general public for that matter.

    Now creativity in one's work or creativity when considered professionally is about finding solutions to problems either known or yet unknown or making better versions of existing solutions. It's supposed to build an audience for oneself and provide value for those who seek you. Which are all legitimate expectations but it can be argued that creativity has not just been made subservient to industrialisation but is also being exploited for the sake of it.

    The video isn't saying that creative jobs don't exist anymore. But it would be difficult to argue that standardization hasn't affected how creatives view their work. Today if you're good at something the desire is to reach to a large audience and corner as much of the market as possible. If some designer has designed a really innovative new line of clothing he or she'll either mass produce it in China under a big brand to be sold to the masses or they might choose to sell it under their own brand, produced indegeniously by a few well paid workers in limited quantities at a much higher price for a much more affluent crowd. Standardization has allowed things, especially cheap things to be mass produced and services to be streamlined. And the labour which works to make those materials and offer those services such as , factory workers, software developers, etc find it much harder to find a personal connection with the job they do. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the variety of jobs we can do has exponentially increased but the way we can do them has become increasingly standardized.

  23. So what you're saying is while in the past because of the lack of Industry there would be a lot more variety allowing a lot more creativity but now because of Industry there's a lot less creativity because the one creative person that makes the best product that sells the most essentially puts all the other ones out of business and makes it very hard for new people to break into the business but isn't that the end goal the best product for the best price available for everyone

  24. If everyone stamped what they touched in their work life, everything we used and owned would be riddled with weird, expensive vanity markings. Hobbies exist for a good reason. Just look at SoundCloud, or any of the countless art circles on the internet. We've never before been able to create, collaborate, and share on the scale that we do today. Sure our nine-to-five jobs might not be super artisan, but they provide for us to explore our other, more creative interests without the need to conform our products of passions to whatever's most profitable.

  25. We are apparently wealthier than ever! Well, at least here in europe but also in a few other nations where one profits most from capitalism! In other nations, in my opinion, people are worse off than ever in history, and capitalism actually influences that! Well, even if we are more prosperous here in Europe than ever before, we are still not free we are actually slaves of work and money! Our potential remains unattended and unused, and our creativity is not encouraged! Worst of all, however, is that we do not live in a system that is human-centered, but in a system that is geared towards profitability and our environment as well! I am still convinced that if we had another system we could make a paradise out of our lives and world!

  26. "Where Are the Creative Jobs?"
    In garbage bin. I swear, day when I actually got some template to work by was happiest day in my life because in my creative thinking boils to unscrewing things that other people have creatively screwed.

  27. This video is socialist propaganda shite from beginning to end.
    Never in world history have the masses had so much disposible time. The vast majority need only 8 hours to labour for their daily bread; and all their toys to boot. Acheiving self satisafaction through creative expression has never in world history been so accessable. I may have to mindlessly pull a lever for 8 hours per day but I have another 8+ hours to express myself in any manner I choose.

  28. And this is why I put on my clown makeup and blow stuff up… To spread a little chaos in an otherwise bland and un creative world. After all, world… why so serious?

  29. The thing about having a "creative job" is that…you have to be creative. Often in more than one way. Not only do you have to be able to manifest your idea, but market it. Thanks to capitalism, you CAN market it, even if it's a tough market. Capitalism is what's boomed economic prosperity and has allowed a free market so that one CAN produce their idea and sell it. If people aren't getting that "creative job" that they so desire, I assure you, it isn't due to capitalism. It's due to lack of either creativity OR marketing skills. Don't blame your shortcomings on some external force and play the victim. We are the makers of our fortunes and have, in a free marker society, the FREEDOM to pursue our goals and objectives and then to market them. People are coming up with new ideas EVERY. DAY. And these ideas are going to market and earning them money. Hence, this video is garbage and encourages people to feel like it isn't THEIR fault when they fail. That's a childish mentality. When you fail, and you will, you must take responsibility and push forward until you succeed, NOT just say "oh well" and give up on your dreams.

  30. You make the mistake of presuming a creative job was ever a norm. Worse, you are grinding your ax on this presumption against capitalism.
    A creative job is and has always been the privilege of an exceptionally lucky, gifted few.
    Also, only a miniscule percentage of creative people are ever successful, not because of capitalism, but because that's just the way it works. Creativity is not nearly as dependable as conscientious planned boring routine.

  31. Nonsense point. We have far more free time to pursue creative endeavors than ever before. There was a time when all of our time was occupied growing food, cooking,washing clothes by hand, cutting wood,ect. Everyday assistance consumed our every waking moment.There was little to no time for artistic endeavors. Many a genius was never realized because they were milking a cow or hoeing the corn by hand. The actual point here is that due to more exposure and being witness to the best of the best we now realize the mediocrity of the average person. What we now call everyday items in our homes would have once been the possessions and entertainment of kings.What we lack in the developed world is the appreciation of the unfathomable wealth and experience we live out everyday. First world problems.

  32. The greatest thing about the 20th century capitalism is that you do not need to be the 1% to start your own business and make an impact. We have more millionaires than ever before in history. Over 70% of them are "new money millionaires" meaning they did not come from a millionaire family. You can get upset about the job you work at not giving you creative direction, or you can start your own company, assume the risk, and move forward with whatever direction you want.

  33. But, we also can look to the other side of capitalism effect on creativity. The more highly competitive are among our society, the more needed to be creative in a person itself to build a totally unique job and new vast opportunity to everyone. Besides immitation by other people (no creativity), it also can be more challenging than ever bfr.

  34. interesting topic, this realizes me I got something in my job that is apparently, something rare. maybe that is one of the reasons I like this type of job so much and have settled mastering it instead of trying to grow up in the corporate ladder.

  35. So many lies in this. Build the life you want with the talents you have. Don't believe anything somebody tells you that destroys your inner hopes and dreams.

  36. Weren't most of the jobs in the preindustrial world just farming? I'm pretty sure there are a lot more creative jobs than ever today. Also isn't it due to modern day capitalism that we have tools that make more complex works easier?

  37. I became so unhappy with my job that it led me to start making videos just so I can have some sort of creative outlet. However I’m still working on building a way to generate income through my creativity

  38. Much of everything boils down to the concept that time is money. The hurdle people face on being creative is being adequately paid for their creativity. A "creative" mind may not be suited to being business savvy. There are patents to be submitted, production, storage and advertising to be handled. Many creative people end up doing a hobby. That said there has been the recent explosion of creativity on the web with blogs, YouTube videos showing off peoples creativity. The more people watch your channel the more funds YouTube will send you.

    So what is a life or your life worth?

  39. This is simply not true, and a bad analysis at that.

    There is evidence that supports the opposite: that the internet has liberated creative industries and increased demand for creative people. Take the Amazon book store. Half of the books that Amazon sells has never ever been sold in a physical book store. In other words, thousands of authors that couldn't have made a living selling books in physical store (because of gatekeepers, physical limitations etc) now make a living writing books. This rings true for more than books, where the internet builds millions of nisched communities about every possible interest.

    Secondly, look at a practicing architect or artist in the 19th century. These people didn't have room for extraordinary "creativity" in their work. Most buildings in Paris follow a strict visual pattern, because architecture was a practice that was passed down by the older generation of architects, rules which you didn't break (hence limiting creativity). The same goes for the overwhelmingly amount of paintings ever painted. The 19th century artist painted almost exactly the same as the one who trained him, limiting creative expressions. That is why most paintings before the impressionists look very similar. If that is creativity, but not working at the design department, or engineering department at Apple, well then you're just cherrypicking to fit the narrative.

  40. Yes, let us all revolt from our own democracy and freedom to become a socialist, no better yet a communist society. It’s always someone else’s fault, right? It’s the wealthy people’s fault. Don’t worry, big government can help. 😂

  41. "Crearivity" is subjective and anyone can interpret it however they want. Im an IT major, so I believe for me personally that's how im creative with website development and my data visualizations i create.

    Creative doesn't just limit to art, music, and theater, etc.

  42. what an utterly depressing view on the world, in a nutshell, give up on all your dreams, life's boring and always will be

  43. I am an electronics engineer of 30 years. My jobs used to be interesting, plenty & well paid…But today?…think it is well paid? Think I get to be creative? Think I have all sorts of jobs available to me?…think again! No employers want people with big experience because big experience means expensive. I now keep my creativity for my own projects because it is the only place I am allowed to be truly creative…

  44. There's a decent probability that I will drop out of university (BSc in economics and BA in philosophy) because it is too obvious that modern society is a pyramid scheme and go become a baker in a small town somewhere.

  45. Yeah, everyone was just making their fortune chipping away at stone, before capitalism came around and fucked it all up. Back then no one ever just died of starvation in the middle of a field, served a life of indentured servitude, or had to sell a baby to feed the rest.


  47. NOT only it takes your 12 hrs+2 hrs of traveling+ 1hr of preparation = 15 hrs but also capitalystic system can brainwash you,change your belief system.Your thoughts respond to your beliefs,then you create different emotions and your state of being is completely destroyed due to anxiety,ocd,depression.You wont have a time to introspect.

  48. You're more allowed to be creative than ever. It's called freelancing or being an indie (like games). In the past, if you were a peasant, you're extremely unlikely to ever be able to show your "creativity".

  49. This video is romanticising the ways of the pre-industrial world a bit unfairly. Most work was in agriculture. Also, while most products are mass-produced and have a less "human" element in the modern world, it is precisely the efficiency of industry that allows us to have significantly more time outside of work, in which we have even more creative potential than the most renowned architects pre-industrial revolution.

  50. Where are all of the creative jobs??
    Look on the internet!!! Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, etc…. Many independent artists are going to the internet and building careers for themselves. In old days, artists used to have to rely on gallery operators or publishers to get their work out there. That's all changed now!!
    If you don't want a creative job tho, just go get a PhD and work for a lab as another cog in the wheel.

  51. I'm so lucky I could never keep a job when I was young. Because of that, despite how smart and industrious I am, I was always having to start over in new fields. The result was that years later when I finally got my act together enough to deal well with others professionally, I was able to thrive in my own business. I had a stunning array of work experience, and it helped me build a very successful business very quickly after a layoff, even as recession set in for the general economy.

    Being self-employed is the creative outlet of my dreams, lots of freedom AND lots of money. Only now I'm not even self-employed anymore. I'm retired youngish and simply have creative projects that I don't even bother to monetize, even though I probably could. Don't knock bouncing from one boring job to another for some years. You still gain experience. But also don't settle into it. Keep aiming for more until you manage to create it.

  52. A documend about problems with finding creative jobs, made by a channel that has each video made with unique and creative animations

  53. I was watching another video of yours where you connected "religious believing" with poor countries. The exception was America. The reason is that belief in the truth produces wealth because of Reality Theory, and belief in demons produces death and destruction. Unfortunately, comments were disabled on that thread. Sad…

  54. So interesting and so true! Capitalism is now killing the creative in the world.
    We need to overcome this old system, to reopen space for creativity to florish, and to focus our best talents and energies to the real needs of the planet!! 💜

  55. School of Life proves you can make a creative endeavour, soul crushingly depressing. I'll just go back to increasing my ssri's, sigh…

  56. If you are creative and are in need of a creative job, just use your creativity to create a creative job and stop blaming capitalism for your boredom.

    Creativity is the capacity of doing things that are novel and useful. Your ideas are of course not novel if someone has already put them into practice in society. Capitalism allows those ideas to be shared better than any other system.

    How come you say capitalism is the cause of a lack of creative jobs? There are little creative jobs. There are little creative people. The fact that it is hard to monetise creativity is universal and by no means unique to capitalism.

    Capitalism is among the biggest achievements of the human kind. I am infinitely grateful to be born at the dawn of the 21st century in 2002 and not a few decades earlier in Russia or Poland or Hungary or Slovakia etc. or before industrialization.
    Today is not only the best time to live in, it is also the best time to be creative!

  57. The ad for the community app at the end of this video is not very good in my opinion. It references a like minded community. I don't want that, I want people to challenge my thought and I theirs. I get that its probably not an echo chamber and it is prob referring to people who similarly want to challenge and better themselves. It just comes off wrong to me.

  58. Don't watch this video and become fearful. Follow your gift and talents especially whilst you're young. Be hungry for it.

  59. When you are hired for a job, you are paid to perform a robotic task, no matter how sophisticated that task may be. Whether it's holding a flag beside road construction or performing heart surgery, jobs do not exist as an outlet of creativity. There are a few exceptions: for instance, professional musicians and fine artists. But rarely is anyone working for the 'man' and allowed creative expression. But if you want a silver lining look at it this way: never has it been easier to get exposure for doing something creative. If you want your work to be creative, then do the arduous work of building your own brand or business. Entrepreneurs–even low level entrepreneurs–are creative in ways that employees never can be. Not everyone is cut out for that kind of task, but if you're someone longing for that kind of free and creativity then you likely are. There are many societal ills and the system is not fair. Capitalism mirrors the law of the jungle. But we live in a time when you have tools at your disposal that the world has never had. In other words you are not disempowered. If you want to do creative work, there is a path, but it is a trail you must blaze yourself.

  60. what if we would opt for a more modest income in compensation for that creative freedom? humble start-ups and niche products? maybe? am I too positive?

  61. The biggest mistake is thinking that somehow removing creativity from corporate jobs makes them more efficient.

    It doesn't. Without creative freedom, you cannot solve problems, and if you can't solve problems things will never be at their best or most efficient. Everything will be mediocre and sluggish.
    Look at most products and apps today. 90% are poorly designed which tends to be their downfall.

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