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hey guys have you ever thought to yourself man I'm getting the lead flow it's coming in but I'm just not converting those deals it could be just one small tweak and it could be that the sense of urgency is not in your business now in this video we're gonna break it down why the urgency has to be there with every one of these leads that are coming in so hit that subscribe button while you're here hit the bell so it alerts you when we put a fresh new content up and let's get right into this video hey guys Cody Hoffman here with whole selling Inc the number one wholesaling coaching program in the nation I'm excited to be with you today because we're gonna break down how just one small little tweak everyone asked about hey how do you get to the top your game the people that are performing it like 97% 98% 99% literally when you think about this 95% to 97% is a huge huge difference so it's literally just the things that are just 1% 2% that can make all the difference think about it with golf literally the person that wins first place and the person that takes second place there's a huge difference in the winnings this guy may win 1.3 million this guy may win 500,000 do you want the difference is one stroke that's it just 1% difference one stroke right so it's just these little tips as you add them to your business they're gonna make all the difference now having a sense of urgency what does this have to do with your business and why will this help you succeed right out of the gates because of the beginning stages I remember like it was yesterday I remember what it was like and I sending out direct mail I was still working full time and insurance but I sending out direct mail and these leads were coming in and I remember the words of my mentor who is now my business partner Tom Kroll have a sense of urgency make sure you are taking care of those leads and getting back to them in 20 minutes or less okay so think about this you've paid for this marketing to go out and as leads are calling in or coming in however your channel marketing channels work any how quick are you getting back to them do you have a sense of urgency to get back to them super quick because at the end of the day these individuals are motivated and with that motivation you're gonna have to you're gonna absolutely have to get back to them quick because if not they're going somewhere else they're going to your competition I want you to think that you're at work and you know you need to get new tires for your car you know that they have to be done soon because they're getting bald so during your lunch break you have 15 minutes that's it during your lunch break you pick up the phone and you start dialing all the different tire companies you pick it up you call the first one they don't answer what are you gonna do are you just gonna waste the other 14 minutes no that's all you have to make sure that appointment is set so you call the second person they don't answer you call the third person they pick up and they tell you yeah we have the tires and actually we can make that time work why don't you come on down we'll take care of you who do you think's getting the business do you think she's gonna wait for call number one and call number two to call back possibly not because she only has 15 minutes and she's super motivated right now to get those tires changed I want you to think about that now you may not be answering live I didn't start answering live until I was well into my business and I had a team in place right out of the gates I started by having to go to my voicemail but the sense of urgency you've got 20 minutes or less to get back to every one of those leads now what does that look like if you're anything like me and you're working that full time job and it's like I don't just have the the benefit of just picking up the phone and call back within 20 minutes because I may have to be on for four hours before my next break and there could be 20 calls that come in during this time get back to them as soon as possible make sure you're doing at least the best you can but the goal you're looking for is 20 minutes or less because if not they're moving on they're going to someone else now out of the gates I hired a virtual assistant you know whenever you hear like a VA virtual assistant I had someone from the Philippines scrubbing my voicemails not calling them back but scrubbing the voicemail because I always have the voicemail just simply say this when they call in on that unique number that's to that post and go to a voicemail the voicemail just simply say hey sorry I couldn't get to the phone right now but if you're looking to sell your property please leave your name your number and the complete address and I'll get back to you just as soon as possible that's all just a simple voicemail and what I do is I'd have my virtual assistants since I couldn't get back to the voicemails in 20 minutes or less I'd at least make sure that I wasn't wasting any time myself listen to those voicemails so I trained my virtual assistant to actually listen to those voicemails and categorize each and every voicemail if they left their name number and a complete address that was a category one okay if they left their name and number but forgot their address that's a category two or forgot something they didn't leave any of the or they left one or two but they didn't leave all three that's a category two now if they simply didn't leave any information or just simply hung up that's a category three and the moment I broke away from work to start making phone calls I'd go out in the parking lot sometimes and just get my car and start dialing but what I'd do is I'd go also in the order of priority I would always call the category ones first I'd call the category twos second and then call the category threes third right this is what you have to do you got to prioritize your time if you're working like I was nine ten hours a day your time is very limited so make sure you're using it right you can hire a virtual assistant to do that pre-screening and categorize your leads for just simply like three bucks an hour it doesn't cost much and it allows you to still be able to be proactive and give back to these leads on a timely manner so that when you get out of work you're not going through and listening to a hundred voicemails and then it's still two hours later before you get back to these individuals you want that when you're done with work you're going right to town you're picking up the phone and you're calling people right this second so that you can land these deals right so this is huge make sure as you're go out there you have a sense of urgency do the best you can but the goal is make it to get to the point where you're at twenty minutes or less 20 minutes or less if you can do that you're gonna see that urgency is a huge part in getting the deals when people say oh man our business is doing great we did five deals last month seven deals last month ten deals last month also the follow-up question is not just simply hey what's your marketing hey what are you doing ask them how quick do you get back to your leads and you're gonna see the people that succeed that get a ton of deal flow and consistent deal flow have a sense of urgency in their business don't get lazy you've paid for these leads don't let them just sit in the voicemail box for two hours three hours four hours five hours get back to them as quick as can and 20 minutes or less is that goal now if you're new to our video I want you to comment down below first time okay so if you're new comment down below first time if you're someone that's come back for the second time or multiple times I want you to comment down below I'm back and if you happen to have any questions about how to set up a virtual assistant how to make sure that your sense of urgency is working for you comment down below and i am going to read everyone I always do I want you guys to know this I read every one of those comments and I will come in and lead and guide you so that you can use this urgency to your benefit and have a business that grows and has consistent deal flow take care guys and I'll see you on the next YouTube video

4 Replies to “Wholesaling Real Estate | Have Urgency in this Business

  1. 'This is huge!' Yep, for sure, really great examples Cody. You have to have a sense of urgency like you're a fireman going to a fire when it comes to getting back to those calls. A great 8 min tutorial Cody, thx.

  2. Really great tip, thank you. I've often thought about this exact topic. With working full time, this helps a lot to have a deadline to try to stay under. Thanks.

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