Why Being An Entrepreneur Is EASIER Than Being An Employee

Why being an entrepreneur is EASIER than being
an employee A few days ago, my company announced on Facebook
that we had 8 vacant positions. We immediately started receiving tons of applications. As at the time of making this video, we have
received over a thousand applications. How do you choose eight people out of 1,300
applicants? That’s a tough job for me personally. But more so for the applicants because the
probability of any one of these applicants getting the job is so small, so small that
even the most qualified person could be disqualified with a simple thing as how he/she writes the
mail. But that’s just the first chapter of the
dictionary. Even after you’re employed, then you’ll
be given what is called the company’s policy, then you’ll be technically told how you
must live your life, not really so straight forward but by the time someone tells you
when you must resume to the office, the clothes you must wear and (in some cases), the make
up to wear, then, that’s the definition of a god. Yet, most people think that it’s easier
to be an employee than it is to be an entrepreneur. In today’s video, I’m going to prove to
you that (unlike what most people think), it’s actually far easier to be an entrepreneur,
than it is to be an employee. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Let’s start this way. Imagine you’re a farmer. Now tell me, which is easier; to plant corn
or to plant cocoa? I’m afraid many of you watching this video
may not see the picture I’m painting here because you probably have never been to a
farm. But I’ll explain. You see, it does take about 90 days to harvest
corn in my country while it takes as long as 3-5 years to start harvesting cocoa. So, ordinarily, if I asked you, “Which is
easier plant, corn or cocoa?”, the answer should be, corn, right? Well, you’re wrong. What actually happens is that, when you plant
corn, it grows so fast and in just 90 days, you can harvest your corn. But when you harvest your corn, that is it. it’s gone within another 30 days. You have to either eat or sell your corn within
one month or it will get dried. However in the case of cocoa, though it may
take you 3-5 years before it starts yielding harvest when it starts yielding a harvest,
cocoa can continue making you money for the next 20 years. Job is the Corn When I think about the job and entrepreneurship,
the best analogy is that of corn and cocoa. To me, the reason why everyone wants a good
job is not because the job is easy, better or more rewarding. The two reasons why people love the job is
because, first, they are brainwashed by the school system to love the job and second,
some people are short-sighted. Don’t be offended, please. Let me explain. While growing up, we all knew certain people
who worked for banks, oil companies, and other big companies. These people dressed well, lived in fine homes
and drove good cars. What we didn’t know is that most of these
people don’t like their jobs and most things they used were gotten with loans. Just as when we started envying these people,
the school taught us how to become like them. Just study hard and one day, you’ll work
for a big company. We were deceived. Even for a few people who have the courage
to dream of being entrepreneurs, they allowed the temporary pains to make them lose sight
of the heaven ahead of them, so they decided to plant corn instead of cocoa. Why entrepreneurship is easy for me For me, if I’m to live a hundred times,
I’ll love to be an entrepreneur all of the time because entrepreneurship is far easier
for me that job. And when I said this, most people will think
that I’m stupid but hear me out. When I say that entrepreneurship is easy,
I didn’t mean that it’s A.B.C. Instead, I mean, if you can live every day
with the picture of your future, you can endure temporary pains. Let me repeat this. If you can live every day of your life with
the picture of your desired future, you can endure most things. The reason why most people think that the
entrepreneurship is hard is that they want to eat their corn NOW, today. No. Entrepreneurs don’t plant corns, so they
don’t have a harvest in 90 days. What entrepreneurs plant is cocoa and that
means that they have to wait for 5 long years before any harvest but when the harvest starts
coming in, entrepreneurs often make more money than they can ever spend in their entire life. Let me ask you this; why do you think most
people want a job? Well, because jobs start paying you almost
immediately. For most people, the number one reason why
they can’t be entrepreneurs is that as an entrepreneur, you may not make any money for
many years after starting a business. But if you understand what is at the other
side of the struggle, then, you’ll endure the tough times Student loan issue I get it. Many people at age 24 have a big problem and
that may be college debt (if you live in a country. where you get degrees on debt). Most times you just have to get a job to deal
with your debt. But that’s still not a good excuse to plant
corn. Ever since I was 15, I hardly can count 100
days when my life was separated from the business. Whether I was in schools or working a job,
I was always mindful of business. If I couldn’t do it full time, I did it
part-time. If I couldn’t do business at all, I read
like crazy about it. For me, business is an obsession. You cannot be obsessed about something and
anything will stop you from doing it or from becoming successful doing it. Let’s compare the pains This is what I think; the most fortunate people
in the world are people who get the jobs they love and get paid for 35 years. When I said this, I mean it. You see, employees who get the jobs they are
passionate about and which pays their bills are in the middle of the battles of life. The left is hot and the right is dangerous
but they are save in the middle. Unfortunately, that’s only a few people
(maybe 10% of adults in the world). Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or
you want to be an employee, there are pains involve. However, one pain is right in your control
while the other is outside your control. Let me explain this. You see, the whole eight years I spent suffering
in the business world was self-imposed. Though I was going through hell, because I
voluntarily chose the hell, I could smile even when it was difficult. Even though I was broke and frustrated, since
nobody forced me to be an entrepreneur, I still remained one of the happiest people
in the world. That’s similar to what most entrepreneurs
go through in the first few years of their enterprise. Though it is always difficult, because you
look at the mirror each day to see who caused your pain, you can always smile. The opposite is what happens to the employees. A man told me of how he was fired from his
job one Friday afternoon. His employer never gave him any notice. I know another woman who lost her job of about
10 years because she stood for the truth. Thousands of people are underpaid. Millions are unemployed. Several others worked so hard but retired
poor. You think about this; if you’re to choose
between two pains; the pain you willingly go into and the pain someone brings to you,
which would you choose? That’s the reason why I believe that entrepreneurship
is easier. Though entrepreneurs go through a lot of pains
when starting a business, most entrepreneurs purposely chose those pains, so it’s far
easier to bear. For the employees, almost every pains that
come your way was never expected. I’ll rather voluntarily go to a tough war
than to be caught up in an unexpected battle. Let me repeat; I’ll rather voluntarily go
to a tough war than to be caught up in an unexpected battle. The excuse about capital Millions of poor people all over the world
have one excuse. “I don’t have the capital”
Well, if you watch this video and truly like yourself, stop making an excuse that the reason
why you are not an entrepreneur is that you don’t have capital. Entrepreneurs are not people who turn 50 to
100. Entrepreneurs are people who turn zero to
100 so if you tell me that you don’t have capital, it simply means that you’re not
an entrepreneur yet. Go and be an entrepreneur and you’ll know
how to turn zero to 100. How do you become an entrepreneur? Read books about money and business. Stop hanging around negative people. Stop being materialistic. Stop trying to look big when you’re small. Stop thinking like everyone. Stop blaming the government for your poverty. Make friends with the positive people who
believe they can change their financial situations and be willing to make sacrifices for a few
years. Entrepreneurship is about turning zero to
a hundred. True entrepreneurs don’t complain about
the lack of capital. I’ll conclude this video here so that it
won’t be too long. If you want me to speak further on this topic,
kindly let me know in the comment. If you plant corn, it will grow fast but the
harvest won’t last. If you plant cocoa, it may take a lot of time
before the harvest, but the reward can last forever Thank you so much for watching our videos. Are you between the ages of 15 and 40? Then, we invite you to join our new channel
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