Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Why does your business need a blog? Blogs are an ideal way to present relevent content that connects users, search
engines, and your website. Content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing program. Without content, a website is simply a blank page. The more and better content you have,
the more likely it is that a user or potential customer clicks
on your website instead of your competitors. There are plenty of opportunities
to attract these users. An average American clicks on 285 pieces of
content per day, and 47% of Americans read blogs daily. Blogging is particularly important because
it offers a way for you to create more focused
content that your site otherwise would not rank for. Importantly, it can also
help your website rank on Google for a wider range of queries. A blog post is any news article or
informational piece on your website that lies outside your normal scope of
location pages, product pages, or the like. Because content is so important to Google,
especially recent and relevant content, it’s important to continually post blogs as
part of a blogging program. A blogging program showcases your expertise, authoritativeness, and trust to both potential customers and search engines. By regularly posting blogs, you’ll have the opportunity to
continually take advantage of searches performed by your customers that are
relevant to your products or services. One of the core reasons to have a
blogging program is to help optimize your site to rank higher in search
engine results pages–or SERPS. Blogs can help you rank for searches you might not otherwise rank for, which gives you an edge on your competitors. The bottom line is that blogs help your overall website. Businesses with a blog received 97 percent more inbound links to their website than those without a blog, and businesses with a blog had over
55 percent more traffic to their website than their competitors without a blog. A good blog isn’t just a collection of
words on a website; it requires time-intensive and in-depth
topic research and keyword research. It also requires knowledge of formatting best practices
and an understanding of your business’ tone and voice. Most of all it should be well-written.
According to Google itself, quality carries the most weight among
all factors for ranking success. At Go Local Interactive, our team of content
writers and digital marketing experts can help craft a blogging program to
help your website succeed. We’re there every step of the process to make your
business as great as it it can be.

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