Why Facebook Marketing NO LONGER WORKS For Most Businesses

so you might have noticed that your ad
campaigns aren’t working your facebook marketing campaigns aren’t working or
maybe you’ve seen some articles out there that are dismissing Facebook
marketing so why does it seem like Facebook marketing no longer works for
businesses well the truth of the matter is what we are doing as marketers and as
business owners might not be working for Facebook so today we’re gonna take a
look at what businesses are doing what they’re doing wrong and what businesses
should be doing to get better results with their Facebook marketing campaigns
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you’re gonna love that so that’s the issue with Facebook marketing is that
most business owners or people who are trying to market on Facebook think that
you can simply create an interesting post posted to your page and that tons
and thousands of people are gonna start engaging and interacting or watching
that video and a lot of local business owners have the idea or the tendency to
believe that just because they’re posting that that post is actually going
out to everyone in their local area truth be told it’s not actually any bit
like that at all and that’s where a lot of businesses are starting to not really
get the results that they’re looking for out of their campaigns I’ve worked with
a lot of businesses and a lot of the issues that people have is they create
these posts they post them to their business page and their personal page
and it’s the same type of post it’s just a generic type of thing and then when
they post that thing it gets the same five people who either like or comment
on that post every single time have you as a business owner or marketer though
ever dealt with difficulties like that comment below and let me know your
thoughts have you ever seen something like that happened let me know so it
actually happens when people start posting like that is you’re not gonna
get any engagement you get no increase in sales and again you get those same
people engaging with your content which actually tells Facebook that no one new
is engaging with this business page so they know not to rank your posts higher
in the newsfeed so let’s look at the problem why is this happening well let’s
look at the history of Facebook you see businesses tend to rely on what is
called the organic algorithm that Facebook has meaning when they post
something to their page what is Facebook going to do to push it out to people and
in the past Facebook had an organic algorithm push rate of about 25 percent
meaning if you PO did something and you had 100 followers
or a hundred friends 25% of those people roughly on average would see that post
well over time Facebook has realized that their ads are a big portion of
their revenue that they make right there a business they need to make money so
ads are what generate a lot of revenue for them that being said they need to
make ads more important than their organic algorithms so what they’ve done
is they’ve decreased their organic algorithm push rate to about 0.5% that
means if you had a hundred people that same 100 people and you post to your
page you’re gonna reach half a person and half a person is not a person so
you’re not really reaching anyone and I can guarantee you that this is what a
lot of businesses are seen so what is the solution guys the solution is very
simple if you’re going on Facebook and you’re doing any type of posting on
Facebook you have to run ads for it to be effective if you want to generate
sales and engagement and get tons of likes and comments and all kinds of
traffic driven to your website you actually have to use the ad campaigns
now for Facebook to be effective and now when I say this I want you guys to take
it with a grain of salt because what I’m primarily talking about here is mostly
local small medium sized businesses right because if you guys have seen
online let’s look for exempt and we’re gonna go through some pages and look at
these in a second but for example online media brands like a large media brand
they don’t really have to spend on ads as much why because people use them for
an information resource and then they go there and interact with that content not
to mention they’re usually not really selling anything they’re just providing
information on topics that people have an interest in so you’re much more
likely to get people to engage without having to spend anything right but those
are a lot different and 90% of business pages have nothing to do with putting
out media right most of you run just local service or product based
businesses so that being said you have to look at the strategy which needs to
be used for that type of business which is yes if you guys are wanting more
information on how to run Facebook marketing campaigns effectively we have
a whole guide for you guys on that so check out this video up here in the top
right hand corner we have a blog article that goes along with it with some
downloads and some resources definitely check that out so guys like we just said
ad campaigns are really the only way to get this done even if it’s just a small
post that you want to put out to get engagement on you have to
run some ads behind it to get that engagement that you’re looking for and
the other side of this is guys that even if you’re running ad campaigns you can
still mess that up I’m sure a lot of you have probably run ad campaigns and sat
there wondering well why aren’t these ads doing what I need them to do so
let’s talk about some reasons why ad campaigns fail first and foremost the
biggest thing is most people don’t spend enough they go on Facebook they spend
$300 in a month and expect $10,000 in sales truth be told you need to spend at
least a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars minimum per month for Facebook
to really be worth it for you and people say oh well how do I know I’ll make that
money back if you build your campaigns the right way and really trust a team
that knows what they’re doing to run these campaigns for you you should
easily be able to at least break even in your first couple months and then become
profitable in month three four five six another issue that business owners have
and these are people who are just business owners not usually marketers
they try the one-and-done approach they’ll run one ad with no remarketing
or no follow up if you guys have ever seen me create anything about Facebook
campaigns we always talk about creating a campaign map and that campaign map is
you know 16 different ads that were running to all kinds of different
audiences based on the stage that they’re at in the buying cycle right so
you have to understand that one ad to an audience with a really cool offer isn’t
going to do anything for your bottom line or for your sales you really have
to have a comprehensive campaign that includes all levels of the sales funnel
whether it’s cold warm or hot traffic and get those people to listen to a
message that’s more catered to them right that is what really builds an
effective marketing campaign or at least an effective ad campaign on Facebook
third thing that I’ve seen is 98% of businesses probably aren’t using the
Facebook pixel on their website which blows my mind guys you don’t even
understand how important this is now for most of you marketers you realize how
important that is for most business owners who are not marketers that might
be watching this video the pixel is something that records all of the data
of people who are visiting your site so that way you can go over to Facebook and
create audiences of those exact people who have already visited your site so
for example if I went over to a sales page on my website and put a pixel on I
can target everybody on Facebook who had visited my sales page with an ad maybe
offering them a discount to that product that they had just viewed so this is a
great way to get remarketing and you know increase sales but 98% of
businesses aren’t using this method please guys if your if you wear anything
else out of this video install the pixel on your website and really install it
properly make sure you have a vent pixels set up properly and your base
pixel code set up properly so if you guys want more information on this topic
check out this video up here in the top right hand corner now before you can
begin creating an ad campaign you must first determine what goals you’re going
to try and accomplish so we have three tips that we’re gonna go through here
really quickly about understanding the goals and determining what types of
campaigns you need to run now if you look at the ad objectives on Facebook
you’ll see that it’s broken down into three main categories building awareness
building engagement and then getting people to convert so those are the three
main categories now what how do we use each one well first one being awareness
is all about creating exactly that awareness around your product or service
that you offer so those ad objectives are geared towards getting more people
to your business page or to a website that you’re trying to promote understand
that objective understand that it’s not really meant to use are meant to be used
all the time to get people to buy a product so if you’re using that
objective don’t necessarily expect everybody in that audience that you’re
targeting to buy something second is engagement and this can be things like
web traffic video views actual engagement on a post like a comment to
like a share something like that this is important when you’re trying to get
those people who have already been introduced to your brand in the
awareness campaign to start really engaging with the product or service
that you offer or maybe just some information around the product or
service that you offer this is a key component to your ad campaign and
getting someone to buy because if they don’t feel connected to the product or
service they’re about to buy why would they buy it right so use this stage to
understand how engaged they are and what information they might be lacking or
needing to buy the product or service you offer and then finally we have
conversion guys and conversion is all about doing exactly that so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna focus on the audience’s that we’ve created from our
awareness and engagement campaigns and we’re gonna start sending those people
through now to buy a product and the key here is to offer them the product first
if they don’t buy initially one to three days later that’s when you can offer
that first discount don’t mess goes straight into a discount offer just
because you think they’re not gonna buy because they’ve already seen ads before
and they haven’t bought right that actually decreases your sales or your
really your return on your investment for them from your ad campaign so make
sure that you’re spending enough on each level and make sure that you don’t
necessarily throw an offer into the first ad in your conversion ad sets and
then you wait wait wait and then you start to add in an offer that might be
enticing after they’ve already viewed the specific sales offer you have all
right guys the final thing I want to explain about Facebook marketing and why
it doesn’t work for a lot of businesses is understanding the type of business
that you’re running right so for example we have businesses like the Chive tribe
is different in the sense that it is a media brand they just post videos and
content to people so that way they can laugh really that’s their main objective
right and so the Chive has a different style of business meaning we can reach
millions and millions of people and it’s easy because we’re providing content and
information for people who are entertainment for people that they want
to watch versus let’s say an attorney right an attorney is not going to have
that same kind of field the attorneys are going to provide a service and
that’s it right so they’re not really going to provide any information that
I’m going to want to read about on a regular basis so what’s the difference
here the Chive has a large geographical audience right we can reach anybody
anywhere whereas the this Atlanta attorney right here only has reach in
the local Atlanta area and we’re gonna you know narrow that down even further
because of the fact that this person is only a small start-up and small business
law firm they don’t do criminal law they don’t do any other type of law that’s it
right so we have a very niche audience that we can reach so what am I trying to
get at here basically the Chive can reach anybody we don’t necessarily need
to run ads because we’re gonna get tons of engagement every time we post a post
a local business and I’m not just talking about attorneys this could be
real estate agents lawyers contractors restaurants whoever all of you that are
local have to understand that with a local audience you have a much smaller
reach or amount of people that you can reach out to to try and buy your product
or service not only that since you’re a product or service instead of an
information type source or a media outlet your we already understand that
you’re trying to sell to us and I don’t always need the product or service that
you’re trying to sell so understanding how
deliver that product or service or how these different pages kind of work on
Facebook is gonna make a huge difference in the way you’re going to build your
campaign for the Chive we won’t need to use as much ad budget
because we’re gonna get tons of organic engagement whereas this attorney right
here you can see all these posts have no engagement and I’m gonna guarantee you
he’s not spending on Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising so
he’s not gonna get any engagement and he shouldn’t expect to get any engagement
without some sort of ad spend so really look at the business understand are you
a small medium-sized local business or do you have a regional reach a statewide
reach a national or international reach because usually when you have a larger
brand with a larger reach you’re able to spend a little bit less on advertising
to get more engagement so that is it for today’s video guys hope it was
informational for everyone and I hope it taught you why your Facebook advertising
or Facebook marketing campaigns might not be working as promised since you
stayed till the end all you have to do is go right below this video in the
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video guys I will see you on the next one make sure to leave any comments or
questions below that you might have about your Facebook marketing campaigns
and we will see you guys on the next one so until then cereal entrepreneur app
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  2. its crazy…..i don't write contents for my facebook page though but i have found out that content only isn't working

  3. My current client is having a hard time understanding this. It's a retail women's shoe store and he just posts a picture of the shoe to his instagram and his facebook page and hopes that it'll gain traction but he continues to see the same 2-3 likes on the photos with 3000 followers. The engagement isn't there and he just doesn't understand the marketing side of owning a business. He doesn't have the funds to pay me to really take him on as a client so I try to just tell him that he should spend his time watching videos like this one to gain insights but he doesn't.

  4. The algorithm has been like this for a while. Your are pretty late to the party, but I guess most people won't notice since they have no idea what's going on with facebook and will see this video as something "completely new" and informative. (not hating, just stating the truth)

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