Why I QUIT my DREAM JOB as an industrial designer

going so I have something to show you what kind of a surprise as well my wife she works at a shelter and we found this dog day hi how are you she actually didn't get along with thee I guess the owners didn't get along with her so it was either take her here or she would actually be put down it's gonna be here for a couple of days and hopefully we can get someone to adopt her right you want to get adopted if you know anybody in the Tampa st. Pete area who wants a dog she's super friendly and good with cats as you can see so if she's super chill and if you know anybody let me know what is up everybody is Myron here with a new sketching video and I'm just gonna doodle in this video not really sketch anything in particular but what I am going to do is I'm going to talk about the journey to becoming a designer and why what I'm doing right now and why basically the story behind what I studied and what I worked where I work and what I'm doing right now it was a question in the comments on I think the previous video so I thought why not make a video on it and doodle something at the same time if you've been following my journey for a while or my Instagram or YouTube or any of the social media I think you know that I'm from Sweden and I write now I live in the u.s. I live in Florida I started the I always wanted to be a designer and my dream when I was a kid was to was to work as a designer sketch cool stuff next to the beach and that was my main goal for four yes since I was like eight years old I always want that that was what I wanted to do so I started by you know I always had a passion for sketching obviously because that's what I love doing and I thought how can I make a living sketching stuff and especially how can I make a living sketching stuff while I live next to a beach in a sunny warm place so that was kind of what I had in the back of my head for a very long time and I kind of led all my decisions that that guided my decisions so I studied I applied for bachelor degree in industrial design in Sweden and then I got in and as soon as well it's called mid Sweden University great school had a lot of fun I met some awesome people there good friends that I wish were living closer but it was a great time and that was three years after that I felt like cars are you know I love to sketch cars so maybe I should try becoming a car designer so that's what I did I applied to Italy to SPD and same thing there I got in to SPD in Milan and that was a year of master degree so that was cool got in there got to sketch some cars and this is kind of where where things started to change for you know for me because I had this image of what a car designer was and what what you did as a car designer but that image China changed in Italy I kind of need naive image of what I was going to do I thought it was gonna sketch cool cars all day but obviously that's not how car design works and if you're a professional car designer you're probably laughing at me right now which I totally understand that was not what I was going to do so I cannot Italy kind of gave me the feeling that there's a lot of politics I guess involved in car design and who gets picked to do what and stuff like that and you know personally I don't want any of that stuff all I want to do is to sketch things use my markers my my legendary big pen at this point and some some random printing paper and just sketch things that's that's what I ever wanted to do I thought I wanted to be a car designer but not really so hokey run so let's cut to after Italy I got my master's degree now I guess I was going to apply for a job somewhere I still had the dream of living next to a beach so I applied to to I worked a bit in Italy and Switzerland for that was very short time around three months I think after I graduated we did some I just did some concept sketches for for a couple of companies there and after I left that place I went home to Sweden and started applying the crap out of you know company so I just applied everywhere there was abroad and that met the criteria of having a beach close to so I I applied back to South of France Italy Australia I applied here obviously to the US I even applied to Canada because I thought why not I mean it would be a cool country to go and work working so I sent out I still have my old emails in my old Gmail account of all the applications that I sent out and there were a lot of applications allah-allah a hundreds maybe a hundred a day for a month or so to all kinds of companies letting them know what you know what I have to offer so I tried to do some research I didn't have a template of an email that I sent out so this took a lot of time but what I did I tried to research the company that I was sending the email to and tried to figure out what my specific skill set could help them with so what if I was the owner of the company and I was applying myself to my own company how would I present myself as a potential employee at that at my own company yeah I want to know what I can bring to the table that's number one why am I paying you to be here in my company so I was trying to figure out what they needed help with and if I was a right good fit for them if I actually can help them if I if I knew that I couldn't help them with my skills I just wouldn't apply simply simple like that long story short I got the job in Florida moved over here spent it was a small design studio I spent about a year and a half there I quit that job because I felt something was missing I went online I started the sketch monkey that's that's what I wanted to do I wanted to sketch I didn't really want to go through an entire project it took six months and do sketching for two weeks and then just do rhino and alias for I don't know how long months I just didn't like to do that and I also felt like the 95 style of lifestyle is just not something I can do I don't like to be told when I can do something I don't like anybody else to have control over my time that's a that that kind of came slowly that that realization just getting to know myself basically over these years what I actually want to do and I didn't know that from start I thought I wanted to work as a designer but that that was not the case so fast-forward I got another job in Deerfield Beach which is close to Fort Lauderdale and it was a great job a great workplace everything was perfect I had my car my Mustang and you know all the everything you can ask for from a from a job basically but I still wasn't happy and I couldn't really figure out why until I realized that you know either you keep going right now you're very comfortable I'm very comfortable at this job and I can do this for yeah sure I can I can stay here and do you know be comfortable or I can just go for whatever what it is I really want to do which is to sketch everyday and what I'm doing right now like talk with you guys and sketch on a video this is what I want to do with my time like I love doing this so I can't do it when I work at 9:00 to 5:00 and this is not my only light this is not this is definitely not the only thing I do during my days I have a couple of online businesses that I started as well in outside of sketching that doesn't have to do anything with anything to do with design it's a couple of ecommerce businesses so I spent my time doing that and it's going really well at the moment I'm not you know I don't regret anything because I I don't like being comfortable when I feel like I get too comfortable I know that something has to change and that's exactly what happened and when I quit my job so I quit my job in August of 2016 and I've been self-employed ever since since that day and I would not change change it for anything so I guess I hope that answered the question that was posted how did I get here Oh or I just wanted to I don't think I ever told told you about the whole story like this before so I think it's a good idea to do that and if you want to be a designer I mean go for it until you're there you don't really know what you're going to think about it if you're gonna like it or not so the only only way to do that is to basically you know just go ahead and go after it and then when you're there you might love it I don't know I know a lot of people a lot of my friends designer friends just love their jobs which is totally cool happy for them it just wasn't for me and that that applies to any job I just don't like having a job that's that that's the main I guess the main issue or if you want to call it an issue or whatever but the main main thing here so I it's not that it doesn't matter where I would work it's still the thing the thing about owning my own time that's the most important thing for me and you know I don't want to have to talk to engineers all day which is great because I gave engineers a sketch like this and you know what's what happens I see the product gets engineered which means that basically ruins everything that I want want to put in the product it's either too costly or the you know the they don't have the molds it can't create the moles to create it and boring stuff like that did I don't really care about which makes me a bad designer I know but that's the whole reason why I quit the design industry and just focus on sketching these days so that's that's about it I mean I don't know what else to tell you if you want to know anything else just let me know more than happy to talk about anything you want to know I've kind of done the journey to you know to get from wherever you are right not to becoming a designer so if you have any questions about that just let me know and I'm not sure where I'm going with this sketch it looks like what am i this is like the this car right here is the template of a 3/4 rear view that I sketched whenever I when I don't think about what I'm sketching like right now I didn't even like whoa it's a car here I didn't even think think about sketching when I was sketching this so I guess this is my default design and I think you know that because this car is all over my youtube channel maybe I should maybe I should build this car someday that would be cool but just focus on what you want it because I think I think it takes some time to get to know what you really really want to do that's not something you know when you're like 18 or 20 and under I don't think you know really what you want to do because even if you think you do that it's going to change that's about it comments below if you have any questions I'm gonna stop this video right here and that's about it thank you so much for watching I hope I didn't ramble too much I don't know I probably did but it's alright I hope you got the yep the points across I hope to see you next time and take it easy guys you

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  1. I'm really curious to know if u never felt afraid when u were gonna leave your safe job behind n move on an untreaded path?? Plz answer.

  2. ur just like my cousin when he was 5-6 years old….all he wanted to do was to be left alone and sketch and draw…..your just like little kid, who doesnt like to be told stuff to do and cant take no for answer…. sooner or later u have to grow up and either build ur own company and have freedom or work 9-5 and take it up in the ass like rest of us idiots.

  3. I love cars and I have gotten into learning about a cars inner workings which is why I love to work on cars now whatever keeps my hands and head occupied and happy is better for me in the long run cause I would rather do that what makes me want to do it more than something I thought worked for me but only masked off my real intentions in life

  4. I wanted to be a car designer just as much as this guy like a lot but then the math behind the sketches of the cars killed it for me I don’t think I could go through all that cause that wasn’t me I don’t think I would want to kill myself with math over a car yes very very naive I know but hehe I only wanted to go in to it for the fun stuff and as fun as math is I don’t think I would have wanted to stay locked up in a room designing cars all day that just isn’t how I work if I did I don’t think I would enjoy myself as much as I do now

  5. Hehehehe quitting any job sounds like a big deal it’s not unless I am talking about my happiness 😂😂 besides I don’t think I would want to do something that wouldn’t fullfil my passion enough to where I can feel proud of myself just as much going out of it how I had went I

  6. hey there! im completely new to this and still contemplating to whether or not i should dive into this specific course later in university
    my question is does industrial designers must have the knowledge in automotive design even when they are product designers??

  7. I am from Europe too and wanna move to the US someday to graduate MD in the Art Center in Pasadena and after that maybe to stay there somewhere in LA or SF and sketch all day long near to the beach, I even thought to go to the UK or Germany (and why not Sweden there is also Umeo uni, Volvo, Scania, Koeniggseg etc.) where are mostly car industry companies but it's not great the weather there. This would be very cool and we have actually very close interests with you man! Just great!! I am really happy when I know there is someone other person who has the same interests and passion! I love to sketch cars, this is like obsession for me.

  8. I think your design is pretty cool, maybe if you can meet some customers who want to modify the car, then you can finish it with some car modifiers/ car repair shop, which based on your design
    , i think that's would be cool enough

  9. Do you not find it a perhaps common mistake to get into Car Design just because one likes to sketch, somehow even I feel this way after having shifter from Engineering degree to ID bachelors

  10. Super interesting journey dude, I think i'm on the same path to be honest! probably not in sunny LA though, lucky guy!

  11. Very tough life of u but i want to know that to which companey's that u have mailed es that r car designing companey's

  12. I’ve got a masters in ID and designed hundreds of products over the years. But at this point I find myself wanting to do something totally new. A lot of our industry is now UX/UI and research and everything but classic industrial design. The product can be an app basically. Whereas I fell in love with 3D, creating physical products 20 years ago…..ID is no longer guaranteed design. It could just be teamwork, troubleshooting, Keynote…it becomes very uncreative and stressful….just like any other job….

  13. Could you favour me in telling me some reviews about the Academy of Art university, San Francisco CA as they offered me a place in their Master's degree program in industrial design, and I want to be a car designer. I ask this just because they have demanded an application fees of $500 which is about 7 times of my dad's monthly wage.
    So please help me !!!!!

  14. I've been a practicing industrial designer for 45 years and still practicing. Like you, the visual sketching and ideation are what led me to design. What I've also enjoyed was the transition of my work and process as technology has progressed. In 1987, the first 3D CAD systems came online at Hewlett-Packard and I was a quick learner…..today, as I continue to grow as a designer, it's augmented reality and virtual reality. Sketching is fundamental, but rarely are they shown to the client…I move into 3d as fast as possible for 3 reasons..1. Keep me honest on proportions and size… 2. Allows me to supersede engineers as I define the surface I WANT and not dictated by them. 3. Photorealistic renderings and animations that convey the final appearance, fit and finish to the client. Though I admire you for your sketching ability, for me, sketching is a means to an end….it is not ART. Sketching is a visual expression of ideas that address real, identifiable problems…the final deliverable is a product…not a sketch…..I think my friend, you fell in love with sketching but have resisted growing as a designer….but, heck, if it's working for you…who am I to judge…

  15. I request you to differentiate between product design and industrial design. Also, is the job market different for each

  16. How come you don’t have any accent? Also do you recommend design school for someone who learns well on their own.

  17. Yes I know that feeling, the feeling of dealing with engineers, sometime is fustrating and one time someone said to me, why you break your mind in order to innovate when you can see the competition and just adapt what is built and that work well for now. Getting this type of comments as an designer are not good.

  18. Hello ,thanks for you video ! your video motivated me , and i would like to know generally which kind of background i need to get bachelor degree from any university ?

  19. Dear .. I am in high school with designers blood.. I planned the same stuff..and u hve experienced the same. Glad to hear u.!

  20. Industrial Designer only make their Clients rich. I know.. because i am one… when i see millions of the the Clients' product get manufactured and churned out for years and decade.. You will know that Clients get much richer than Designers.

  21. I have choosen engineering for bachelors due to something but still have intrest for designing, cars specially, so can you suggest something someway, I domt wanna quit engineering, I love that too. So somehow to get into design after engineering

  22. Thanks for sharing. I'm in South Florida as well. You mentioned that you worked at some firms in South Florida. Do you mind telling which ones and what CAD programs did you use?

  23. I originally wanted to study art when I was younger but now I'm thinking about studying something more practical like product/industrial design. However, I'm still apprehensive about it and college application are coming up. For anyone who reads this, are you a designer of any sort? What do you do? Mastery in which subjects are most vital to being a successful designer? What do you like about your job?

  24. wow this is an awesome story! I mean you need to have a lot of courage to do this. You have my respect 😀

  25. I wanna study industrial design and I am completely new to it, I can't draw Nor sketch but I like to create stuff is it a good idea? Can this sketching thing be practiced?

  26. "you know what you know and you know what you don't know, but you don't know what you don't know", that reality changes everybody's life when it hits them, unfortunately some never really see it clearly and end up getting hit by the reality over and over again, that is especially prevalent among us artistic types who tend to live with their "head in the clouds" as they say…

    BTW i just subscribed to your channel solely because you saved that dog from being destroyed, i've dedicated my whole life to the rescuing and protecting of animals with "special needs", you never can tell which message you send out is going to be important to someone!!!

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