Why is ENGAGE so compelling? Jonathan shares his insight.

NETSCOUT treats us as a family not
really just as a customer. And really going above and beyond just selling
their products and putting the road map but really making sure that you have a
real very good overall experience. I think the the mere fact that the
president of the company is able to go in there and get himself exposed to all
of these customers that we have, makes it real valuable because you see the
genuineness of them trying to improve their products. Those kinds of things
really bring value because I can bring that back to my team and say hey they
are doing this and this really resolved issues A, B, and C. What’s unique about
Engage is this use case, is this panelist, these are real world examples. What are
some of the pain points there are there common pain points that we have that we
share? That maybe I can bring back and say hey we’re not the only ones that are
experiencing this issue. They are also experiencing this issues and these are
some of the solutions that they have that we can get back and maybe we can
implement or we can implement better than they can. And this exchange of
information is really very valuable you can’t get that anywhere else. Like in the
next Engage I’m looking forward to it because I’d like to see with all this
with this end-to-end concept now becoming a reality how if if there are
other operators that are doing this, how are they doing it? And how does it
benefit their business overall? I’d like to get that get that back to to our
management and we’re trying to get this to gap clearly address trying to tell
them hey this is the value that it brings. And I think I brought that every
time I went to Engage I brought that to my executive management and they agree.
There’s a value to this. I value how they are actually doing stuff to be able to
address some of this customer pin points I’m a guy that really puts my
customers first and I always put myself in the customer shoes to be able to say
okay I don’t like this and I want this addressed. And another value that I get is
really how NETSCOUT is valuing their customers as much as I’m valuing my own.
So in Engage that brings a lot of value to me because
I know that as a customer we’re getting valued. And the tools that they are
presenting and being used by the other operators really bring value to their
organization that I can take back to my executive management and say hey we made
a good decision about this product. This really brings a lot of value these are the
new things that I got.

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