Why is Everyone Talking About Hyper-Casual Games?

hyper-casual hyper-casual hyper-casual In terms of the hyper-casual for the next 12 months I think that we’re gonna see the
increase because it’s a high portion of the industry so everyone is looking into it. People that don’t usually consider themselves
gamers are playing hyper-casual games because they have a really easy entry point. They’ve enabled a bigger portion of the population
to embrace mobile games so in a way they’ve had an educational impact on the market. When hyper-casual became a trend, ad monetization
became a trend. The impact of the IPM and also the CPM is
very different. We’re definitely watching that trend. Hyper-casual games are able to attract those
clicks or those users and that’s causing an impact in the auction for everybody else. Will they be buying traffic from each other
next year? That will be the big question . And then the question for them is how many
of them will still be there? How will they consolidate? And if they don’t do hyper-casual,
or rather disposable games, what is it they do next?

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