Why Should You Work for The Emily Program?

[Music] I want you to work for The Emily Program if you want to challenge your own beliefs, but also help others challenge themselves. We are setting the model for eating disorder treatment into the future decades. We have a long history of clinical excellence, of industry leadership, and we’re extending that in multiple ways. I think you should work for The Emily Program because everyone here is passionate about the work we do to serve our clients, whether they are directly interacting with those clients on a daily basis, or more behind the scenes. The spirit around the mission is evident every day here in the work that we do. The Emily Program is an outstanding place to work. The people who work, that I work with here are great professionals. They’re really passionate about what they do, and the patients that we work with are a wonderful group to try and serve. If you’re interested in working at The Emily Program, and you have a caring, compassionate, empathetic heart, and you’re just a caring, loving person, this is definitely a field that you will want to go into because the staff is absolutely amazing, but the clients you get to help on a daily basis, and know that your’e helping them with the help of everyone else here at TEP is just the, you know, the cherry on top. We look forward to working with you. [Music]

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