Why Take HR Certifications?

Currently, about 12 percent of HR professionals
in the U.S. hold a certification. HRCI boasts about 145,000 current certifications
and SHRM boasts about 92,000. That is a pretty elite group. You are probably wondering why I bring it
up. I want to invite you to become part of that
elite group. You will need to take a test and pass in order
to become a member of the group. I know that some of you may be giving me the
eye roll, stating that you are done studying and taking tests. You had enough of that in high school and
college. In fact, you tell me it is really hard to
just keep up all the HR laws and regulations. So, why should you take this leap? First, according to Payscale.com having a
designation can indeed raise your salary by as much as $10,000 a year. On top of making more money, your resume will
float to the top just by having those initials behind your name. In fact, many job listing for Human Resource
positions require one of these designations. Also, your colleagues will have a new found
admiration for you knowing that you made this investment in your craft. I feel pretty lucky to have my SPHR and I
can say that it has opened a couple of doors for me. I know it helped me get my job here at Employers
Council. Hopefully I have piqued your interest just
a little; Employers Council can help you. We have two study prep programs. One is through HRCI and the other is with
SHRM. Your company does not need to be a member
to take these certification classes. Employers Council offers day, evening and
weekend programs in order to fit into your busy schedule. We have our subject matter experts teach each
section. So, a labor attorney would teach the Labor
Relations section. Both programs have robust learning management
systems (LMS) for the class participant. The materials engage all adult learning styles
and provide sample tests, games, flash cards and audio files. You will be in class at our offices with other
individuals trying to prepare for the test. I have seen many study groups formed and professional
relationships established in these classes. Register today at EmployersCouncil.org or
call 800-884-1328 I look forward to seeing you in one of our
Spring sessions!

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