Why you should work at Diabetes Victoria

Welcome to diabetes Victoria my name is
Kim. Let me show you why this is such a great place to work. I work at diabetes
Victoria because I want to make a difference. We are a not-for-profit
organisation working tirelessly to support all Victorians affected by
diabetes. Our staff are here to help make a difference, and pursue careers that
combine passion with purpose. I feel proud saying that I work for a
not-for-profit, I think it makes you feel good knowing that you’re doing something that is helping the community. When I tell people where I work I always feel
extremely proud because our organisation makes such a great
difference to people that live with diabetes’ lives. The work that we do
always makes me feel very fulfilled every day and that I feel like my role
is very meaningful. I’m quite proud to be working for diabetes Victoria because I
believe in our mission, a lot of it flows into my own life in my well-being. Our
staff receive opportunities to engage with the community, expand their skill-set and stay engaged with variety in their day to day roles. There’s a lot of
new initiatives and projects to work on, so it keeps me on my toes and keeps
things interesting. That’s why a lot of staff stay, because we’ve got so
much variety in our roles. As a consumer body in a health-related area,
we are also committed to improving the health and well-being of our employees.
The organisation has a really great health and well-being programme, you can also contribute across the business as well, you’re not confined to your own
role so I find that really satisfying. I’m actually a part of a running group
at work. We run every Wednesday and it’s a great way to use your lunch break. I also get to go to the local gym and do some classes there at a subsidised price.
As a serious potential recruit, you’ll want to know about our values and
benefits. We consider every individual to be an important factor in the growth and
success of our organisation, so career development is central to ensuring we
continue to succeed. We have a high level of investment in our employees
development we have a professional development grants scheme. We’ve got a lot of opportunities for professional development and furthering our career
and I think that’s important. I have been provided with many opportunities in
professional development. The last course I did was a master class in data
visualization. Diabetes Victoria has a really diverse workforce. Diabetes
Victoria is a great place to work, it provides our staff with the opportunity
to make a real difference. What I love about working here is the people. The
people are great they’re very friendly. They’re very approachable and they come
from all walks of life. There’s pretty good diversity here and
everyone has a very healthy attitude. The environment at work is always really
positive and happy. Probably the most important thing to us is we’re really
culturally appropriate, which is a great thing because Aboriginal people could
come here and feel really comfortable. If you want to work in an environment where you feel like they’re giving back to the community and supporting a great cause
then this is the place for you. I love my team they’re awesome.
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