WiFi Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12 [Quick Fixes]

Hey! What’s Up Guys! Dhvanesh here from iGeeksBlog Apple officially released iOs 12 last week. And I know, many of you being good Apple digital
citizen have already upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12. I personally experience iOS 12 a bit faster
than iOS 11. Even battery life is slightly better on iOS
12. However, at the same time many users are also
experiencing number of problems like bluetooth and wifi not working. I addressed number of solutions to fix bluetooth
connecting issue in last episode. And today, we will see possible tricks to
fix wifi connecting issue. There often seems to be no reason behind Wi-Fi
connections that randomly disconnect or sometimes iOS devices are not even joining a known network
and sometimes even show no WiFi available at all. It’s really frustrating, right? So let’s give a chance to the number of
tricks to troubleshoot the hurdle. First thing first is Check Your W-Fi Router Sometimes, Wi-Fi Router could also be the
culprit behind the network issues. So, give it a fresh start. Try turning off your WiFi router and then
unplug it from the power source. Now, grab a cup of coffee and wait for about
10 minutes. Then plug it back in and reconnect it to the
power source. Try connecting to another Wi-Fi network, if
it’s available for you. If you don’t hit any roadblock while using
other networks, your WiFi connection will be at fault. Hence, I would suggest you talk to your network
provider. If wifi router is not the culprit, then Give
the WiFi Network and Your Device a Fresh Start Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network,
reboot it Every device has a different method to reboot
it, visit the link from the description down below to find how to reboot your device. Once your device is restarted, then reconnect
it to the network. Another solution is forget the wifi network head over to settings Select Wi-fi Now, tap on the “i” button next to a Wi-Fi
network. Now, tap on Forget This Network and confirm. Now, turn off Wi-Fi and hard reset your device. again link is given in the description down
below to know how to reboot your device. Once the device is restarted, turn on Wi-Fi. Then, connect to the network as usual. The problem should be fixed now. But if you are still struggling to get over
the line, it’s time to reset network settings It is one of the most reliable tricks to shoot
out the ill-functioning Wi-Fi on iOS devices. So, let’s give it a go. Head over to Settings app Select General Scroll down and select Reset Now tap on Reset Network Settings Enter your iPhone Passcode and confirm it. Once your device has restarted, re-connect
to the Wi-Fi network If the problem still persists, move on to
the next solution and Turn off Wi-Fi Networking Services. Launch Settings Scroll down a bit and Select Privacy Now, you need to tap on Location Services
→ and Go to System Services. Now turn off the switch next to Wi-Fi networking. Once the problem is resolved and Wi-Fi starts
functioning properly, you can turn on this feature again. If you are using VPN, turn it off for awhile
to see if it solves the problem. You can also Set Custom DNS I mean, On a few occasions switching to Google
DNS or OpenDNS has helped me in resolving the Wi-Fi problem on my iPhone. If you want to set custom DNS, I have mentioned
detailed guide in the description down below to change DNS settings on your iOS device. If nothing works for you there is only option
is to downgrade to iOS 11 or wait for the iOS 12 update and once it’s there, upgrade
your device. Well, that’s it! If any of the solutions worked for you, let
me know in the comments down below. And don’t forget to give thumbs up to this
video and subscribe to our Channel so you don’t miss upcoming all things Apple video. I am signing off and will catch you in the
next one.

42 Replies to “WiFi Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12 [Quick Fixes]

  1. I have a question..If I visit a city about 1 hour from mine, and stay for 4-5 hours, visiting just one or two places, should this be logged in location services EVERY time? Is there a chance that it might not be? I think my son is lying about where he went because he said he went to a city an hour away, however it appears nowhere in his location services..Help?

  2. Any ideas how to fix an iPad 2017, WiFi keeps dropping could be anytime after hours of use, either I have to wait 30mins/1hr for it to come back or reset my router. Changed the router settings, but nothing seems to work. I had the same issue with my iPad mini 2. Many people have the same problem.

  3. I have iOS 12.1 and i cant even connect to my school Wi-Fi because i dont have a license or something, i put the right user and password and just says enalable to connect. Can u help me?

  4. To Make wifi faster on ios 12
    All You Have To do is
    Reset Your Network
    And Then Choose Any Wifi that you could use in any houses before you upgraded to ios 11 into ios 12
    Here's Before And After wifi is slower or faster in ios 12
    Before Wifi is Slower in ios 12
    And After wifi is faster in ios 12

  5. basically if I'm not close to my wifi box or any wifi box i wouldn't be able to get it and i checked out my phone yesterday and it wasn't my wifi antenna.

  6. My iPhone disconnect from wifi when i locked my iPhone 6s Plus so I can't receive any WhatsApp messages or notifications and i have to unlocked my iPhone and the wifi reconnect again automatically can you help me with problem and thanks 🙏

  7. Nothing of this works for me. On my IPhone 7 the WiFi disconnects and sometimes I must reconnect with password. In the family we have three IPhone and one iPad and the other devices don’t have this problem.

  8. I love you I was gonna kill myself if my wifi wouldn’t work any longer I did the thingy where u turn it off and then wait and then turn it back on thanks man

  9. Hi bro
    Actually my WiFi showing 1 signal only in other rooms and full signal showing in that room where router is kept

  10. Bro whenever I touch Wi-Fi to switch on, Wi-Fi connection symbol is continuously loading only, its not connect. I mean this tick √ symbol area,this one I am telling you the above mentioned line –> Continuously loading symbol.
    Please tell me to solve my wifi issue.
    I am using iPhone 7+ iOS 12

  11. Literally everything works except YouTube, and on settings it say I have wifi but the top it won’t say anything? I can’t watch the video so could someone say what to do the the replies?!

  12. my problem is quite weird. i have both ipad and iphone but i can't connect to the WiFi to my Iphone but it can connect to my Ipad…

  13. hi! uhm, can please someone help me? so basically my wifi is greyed out then when i restart it its still greyed out after restarting more than 8 times the wifi goes back so i choose our wifi network then put the password after 3 minutes it disconnected and my wifi network wont show up. then i restart is hoping that my network would show up but it came back from being greyed out. PLEASE HELP MEEE this is Iphone 6 Plus IOS 12.2 btw

  14. I know everyone’s complaining about his accent but the guys giving free advice that’s helpful bunch of ungrateful douche bags

  15. When I turn off the phone and I restart it wifi works for seconds after the phone restarts automatically and restart wifi is disabled without I can activate it and I tried and practiced all the solutions but now even that I turn off the phone alone the wifi symbol is always off 🙁

    thank you for giving me the solution because it's really agonizing

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