Will Investing $1.000 In Ripple XRP Make You Rich?

hello YouTube I have made a lot of videos about Ripple except he in the last couple of weeks or bother since I started this channel and I get a few types of comments on these over and over and those are people asking how much xrp they need to hold to become rich essentially um it's usually facing away um how much XMP do you think's enough or people telling me how much XMP they are holding and asking me if I think that is enough well in this video just gonna go through how much spending $1,000 on exa P at the current value will get you in the coming years based on a few realistic and a few more outrageous price predictions for perplex RP and I'm sorry yeah it's very dry in here I'm I am basing this on another video I did a couple weeks ago I did a video called Ken Whipple except he make you a millionaire and this presentation is an altered version of that one instead of looking at how many XMP you need to hold or these scenarios I'm going to go through I'm looking at how these scenarios will turn out if you spend a thousand XMP at the current value to day-to-day $1,000 in xfp with XMP currently valued at $28 cents it's your 3448 xfp and this is the number we will be working with in this video now of course I realized not everybody can afford to spend $1,000 on XFP but what I've seen over and over again when people ask me this kind of stuff they have like between one and three thousand dollars invested in XMP and if you have less to invest just 10% of these numbers if you can invest a hand word if you have more to invest if you can invest 10,000 just multiply everything by 10 that is why I picked a nice round number and follow these calculations do not take into account coin burn at least not the ones that I calculated myself there are some price predictions by other people that might take it into account but for my calculations I felt coin burn was a bit too complicated to predict so I didn't take it into my calculations and all numbers are bounded to the last digit let's get this started with the first of the scenarios out and um if you need some information on what xfe is what whipple are doing what what they are trying to do with with their technology there is a video linked in the description as well as Mike and Whipple make you a milliner video I will also link that there's a video linked by a nice lady from what are called I think company is called esoteric trading solutions who did a technical analysis of Ripple and who valued the company and D token according to standard financial models and she explains what they are doing which problem they are aiming to solve that video will also be linked and that is the source for two of the eight valuations we're going to go through but let's just get this started I don't want to make this video too long so now in number one this scenario assumes that X appear it turns to the historic high it has reached in the last bull market and will just return to that same price value again now on January 4th of this year except he reached its all-time high of three dollars and 84 cents now if you were to spend $1000 on X epi today and by 3448 x RP assuming that xfp returns to its historic high when the next bull market hits which is almost a certainty if nothing goes completely wrong they will be worth thirteen thousand two hundred forty dollars so your one thousand dollar investment now is going to turn into thirteen thousand two hundred forty dollars if x RP hits its historic high again now what almost everybody is expecting is that the next time of full-on bull market hits all the coins all the tokens will return to their all-time high and go higher from there so this is pretty much what ninety-nine of people and percent of analysts of investors agree on if nothing goes horribly wrong before this one you can pretty much count on and just looking at here a thousand into 13,000 it's not millions but those are still crazy returns there's still a lot of money that can make you a lot more financially independent than you might be today that can pay for your went for a long time and for your expenses and if you have any any thing to pay off that should help a lot so even at this lowest valuation this is the lowest one we were doing this video that is still a lot of money to be made even with a relatively humble investment of a thousand now if you count to a thousand if you do five hundred that will still go to six thousand something if you do one hundred that will still go to one thousand three hundred assuming the markets return to the same spot they were at or now next up this is he first off a couple assumptions made on made on the basis of predictions about total crypto market cap and assuming ripples except his position within D markets will remain the same it is now now this assumption is that the total crypto market cap will reach five trillion US dollars now we have seen it reach I believe eight hundred billion dollars before and the way it has worked so far is that the total crypto market cap has just about doubled every year so it has gone from 200 billion to 400 billion to 800 billion and it has always crashed in between but then it went higher and assuming this then it will get to five trillion sooner or later and the second part of the assumption here is that XMP remains in third position making up about 5% of the total market cap that is where it is right now so in that case the XRP market cap would be 250 billion US dollars a lot of zeros here with roughly 40 billion XMP in circulation now they are already and there are already fewer than that but I'm rounding to make the calculations more easy right now they are 39 point something billion because there is the current coin burn and there will be fewer in the future still so these values will all go up a bit now if that assumption comes to EXA p each token will be worth 6 dollars and 25 cents now if you buy a thousand dollars worth of x RP today if we thousand four hundred forty eight x RP that you are buying will be worth twenty one thousand five hundred fifty dollars under this assumption I would personally still consider this a very realistic scenario this is just assuming that previous trends continue and that except he doesn't lose much of their market share and we don't really have reason to believe that except you will lose market share except e is one of the more advanced technologically cryptos out there next up so now number three this is the same one as scenario number two but with the crypto market cap reaching ten trillion US dollars which is more ambitious but is also a number that various experts have predicted now at that point assuming once again that X appear Amane x' in third position and makes up about 5% of the total market cap the x RP market cap will be 500 billion with roughly once again 40 billion XMP in circulation rounded up of course that means each except a token will be worth $12.50 so if you buy a thousand dollars worth of XFP today if you get three thousand four hundred forty eight x RP for your money those will be worth forty three thousand one hundred dollars if the equipped Amaka cab reaches ten trillion and xfp continues to make up about 5% of the total market cap now this also more out there but still very much a realistic prediction in my opinion ten trillion is a lot but if crypto takes over anyway that we expected to it should reach a ten trillion market cap in the mid-2020s next time this one is a bit more ridiculous actually this one is very out-there so now a number for this one assuming the total crypto market cap reaches 50 trillion US dollars and XMP remains in its current place at first place for five percent of the total market cap now if you're just seeing that number it looks like a high number but achievable but you have to keep in mind according to the best estimates we have the CIA estimates about how much money there is in the world there are 80 trillion dollars in the world right now and that includes all kinds of money that isn't just cash that is hypothetical money that is for your wedding money that is financial there is money that only exists on paper so 80 trillion total in a scenario crypto would make up more than 50 percent of the money in the world it will probably be more money in the world by then there more than 80 billion but not by much so this should be over 50 percent of money in the world it's pretty much assumes total crypto domination I don't know what you think about that I'm just putting it out as a possibility here so take this one with a lot of caution and a massive ocean of salt take this with moon falls and spoonfuls of salt in this scenario the XRP market cap remember except he makes at five percent once again would be 2.5 trillion dollars once again we have roughly 40 billion xfv in circulation so with this scenario each XMP token would be worth sixty two point five dollars so if you spend $1000 on XMP today by 3448 xfe under this condition under these conditions it was those would be worth two hundred fifteen thousand and five hundred dollars which is a crazy sum this think about it one thousand in two hundred fifteen thousand five hundred out there is insane like I said this is assuming something that is not impossible but much less likely and less certain than the previous scenarios but I came up with a different scenario that I think is more realistic at least in the short term and that actually comes to the same number so let's look at scenario number ah it's coming number but at a higher number so now number five the total crypto market cap reaches 10 trillion remember this is the number from scenario number three which is relatively high but which various analysts are still predicting as a realistic level for the crypto market cap to hit any next ten years or so but we're not assuming that except e remains in first place for this instead we are assuming that except e becomes the number one crypto currency and makes up 50% of the market cap gets a market share comparable to Bitcoin now VidCon today is that 55% and has been hovering a bit over 50% for the last couple weeks so this is assuming that except he takes bitcoins place and that the total crypto market have reaches 10 trillion in this case the xfp market cap would be 5 trillion dollars once again roughly 40 billion XMP in circulation which would put each XMP token at a price of a hundred twenty-five US dollars nice well number now if you spend a thousand dollars on x RP to day and by those 3448 x RP if we take that times 125 dollars for each token that would be four hundred thirty one thousand US dollars so in this scenario you would be spending a thousand dollars and he would be turning it into over four hundred thousand dollars now I don't know if this will happen I don't know how realistic this is but I wouldn't completely discount this possibility next up let's look at some estimates from other people the CEO of SBI which is the Japanese banking and investment firm which is partnered with Whipple Yasutaka Kito predicts a $10 XMP in the near future based on Whipple's partnerships and their products adoption and currently values the tokens at that price point so assuming you buy a thousand dollars worth of xfp today so if we fast the four in a 48 XRP that will turn into thirty four thousand four hundred eighty dollars use me so this is a prediction that a lot of people like a lot because it's in the short term it's an actual expert making it to be fair he is involved with Whipple so he is probably biased but that is his short term valuation for Whipple I believe he said he expects this before the end of 2018 I don't know how realistic this is but I think within the next two years if Whipple finds the abduction that it expects if all these banks that Whipple is partnered with start adopting their products ten dollars per token is very much in the realm of possibilities so in this scenario in this much credit prediction if you invested a thousand dollars to date in a couple of years you would have thirty four thousand four hundred eighty dollars that is a nice tidy sum right there now next up and these are the last two scenarios they are both based on the same prediction like I said earlier the valuation by esoteric trading solutions applying standard financial models to rip Oh they are under the assumption that whipple solves 10% of the 24 trillion dollar problem caused by Swift Swift of course the International Monetary transit system that has been in use since the 70s that is very slow that is very expensive and a component of Swift is that banks have to hold on to billions and billions and billions actually trillions of dollars and not just dollars in every currency that you just have them sitting around in accounts where they can't invest in one account do anything with them and Whipple's aim is to solve that problem by using their technological solutions and the extra P token and if Whipple sauce is just 10% of that worldwide problem if ripple just finds 10% adoption by banks and Decrypter markets mature to the point that they start pricing tokens according to standard financial valuation models after two years each XMP token would be worth 340 no $344 $34 now once again if you invest at house a thousand a thousand dollars at today's XMP value and get 3448 XMP tokens those will then be worth 1 million a hundred fifty one thousand six hundred thirty two dollars so assuming this standard valuation this is just a normal system that has been used in the financial world for decades to value companies and assets if Whipple sells 10% of the problem it is aiming to solve after 2 years except he would be worth 344 and 44 and your 1000 invested would turn into more than 1 million dollars now at this point that is crazy under this assumption you can become a millionaire from spending a thousand dollars now but it gets crazier because this same unnatural valuation model if you enter 3 years instead of two years it gets to this 892 u.s. dollars para XRP token now once again you buy 3448 X appear today's value of 28 cents you spent a thousand dollars now and they under this assumption with this valuation model we will solve 10% of the 24 trillion dollar problem in markets mature and start properly evaluating tokens after 3 years those accept he that you bought for $1,000 will be worth three million seventy five thousand six hundred sixteen dollars Wow that is a crazy crazy proposition now I'm not going to say which of these I personally think is most likely to happen I think they become more outrageous as the prices go higher but I think for the biggest part I made sure to exclude completely ridiculous predictions these are all Eva based on valuations that were professionally made by people who have been in the financial world for decades or they're based on predictions about the market that a lot of analysts share so that is why I chose these eight scenarios and I hope I was able to respond to the question how much except he do I need to hold with this video if you have any more questions do leave them in the comments I hope this was fine I do have a final slide here conclusion even investing a relatively small amount of money you can make real life-changing profits investing in XFP according to all credible price predictions even at the lowest prediction if you invest $1,000 you still get over $13,000 in return depending on where you live depending on how high your monthly costs are that is a neat sum of money already and that is at the lowest valuation here that is let us see one way I'm willing to say that will almost certainly happen within the next two years like Whipple to three dollars 84 cents again that is pretty much a foregone conclusion that will happen only a question of when and then once you go higher you get into the high tens of thousands you get into the hundreds you get into the millions based on a one thousand dollar investment now like I said if you can't afford to invest a thousand if you invest a hundred just divide all of these by ten those are still potential insane insane profits i stuff we don't know which of these predictions will turn out to be accurate or how long it will take but the consensus is clear if nothing goes terribly wrong with the markets or with ripple as a company or exactly as a token the value will go up significant is what I'm going to leave you with now keep in mind I am NOT an analyst I am NOT a financial adviser I'm just presenting the best information that I could come up with the best valuations that I could find please do your own research and also keep in mind even if you believe in ripple of all your heart always diversify never put all your eggs in one basket something unforeseen could always happen so keep that in mind set on that I'm going to end the video here I want to thank you all for watching I hope this video was useful for you um if you like this video leave a comment leave a like please subscribe if you want to and in the description you will find a link to my previous video can relax if you make you a billionaire that this is a reworked version of you will find a link to the sauce I use for the 40 last two valuations and that is also a good video explaining what ripple is and what they are dealing with and they are also my social media links there is a balance with our link if you want to trade on binders if you want to help the channel out if you sign up after using that link a small portion of your trading fees will go to me with no additional cost for you so if you want to help out the channel sign up to violence using that balance has hundreds of tokens on and you could trade any out corn there anything you need you can go to balance or my donation addresses for XFP Theorem and Bitcoin also in the description I appreciate any donations and and that's it for this video thanks for watching

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  2. Everybody is asking the wrong question. People need to ask what will happen to the global economy if a $1000 investment in XRP in fact will make you “rich”. This basically means a global collapse in the fiat system and subsequent chaos everywhere. Think about it.

  3. Who would buy 1 XRP for over 100$?? Banks? No … they are not even allowed to buy XRP from exchanges, even if they would be, they would never buy from random people. They will get their XRP from Ripple by OTC trades. Ripple company would get rich, not normal people.

  4. perfecto pagas en el soriana me vienes a dejar tu tiket y vuelas a tsunameenda 1000 compras una sidrahliAeazzii y te entrego el plano del walletkey2iaimposiblahluz

  5. In my opinion a good exit plan is this:
    1. Figure out your living costs for 1 year.
    2. Figure out what price XRP has to be at in order to sell a maximum of 1/3 of your bag to cover that 1 yr living costs.
    3. If it's too high; sacrifice anything you can to accumulate more XRP.
    4. If it's not possible to accumulate more a significant increase; fight all temptations of selling for less than 5 yrs living costs!
    5. One day XRP will be $500-$1,000+…. before 2030. Put that in perspective and by all means KEEP AT LEAST 2/3 OF YOUR XRP UNTIL SELLING THAT 2/3 WILL REWARD YOU WITH ENOUGH MONEY THAT YOUR GRANDKIDS WILL BE MILLIONAIRES!

    Selling more than 33% at less than $100 is NOT worth it! Have patience, it WILL pay off!!!!


  6. 1 x XRP = $125 @ 45b XRP in issue, MCap = $5.6T. No brainer. I agree with your higher value lines. Plus… 🙂

  7. okey lets suppose you bought today 4.000XRP in 3-4 years you didnt sold it until the peak of price. wich is 30USD. ( highly impossible) you made 120K with dumping all your XRP on right time.., well if you are not poor as f… your life not going to change at all. I think mid cap. and low cap. coins like ICON,WANCHAIN,ZILLIQA,MANA,KOMODO going to overperform most of high cap coins today..

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