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(air whooshing) They say that it’s one in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. Miriam Lepinski’s sister was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer and found out they shared the same genetic mutation. A year ago, we both had double mastectomies two weeks apart from each other. No one told her what recovery was like. It was awful, it was so brutal. As she healed, her sister continued with treatment. As a way to cope with her cancer, with my sister’s cancer that’s, I just started putting kits together. The kits contain items Miriam needed during recovery, like pillows, lotion, even helpful information. We cram everything that we can into this tiny little box. (laughing) She gives out the kits to people for free, they’re called, Winter’s Gift. The first person that I gave one to, that was not a family member or a relative or a friend was a woman named Wynter. Kits are carried in some Utah hospitals but also go around the world. We’ve shipped all over the U.S., seven different countries. Miriam says providing these kits to men and women who need them has kept her out of some dark places since her painful surgery. Helping other people is almost like treading water for me. It’s keeping my head up and keeping me, keeping me going. We wanna help them make more kits. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union to Pay it Forward. And we have for you $500 as our way of saying thank you so you can keep this great work going. You’re providing comfort and hope to women all over.
Thank you. And we think that’s fantastic. It will go straight to kits. Awesome.
(laughing) That’s awesome.

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