Women Go Makeup-Free At Work For A Day

– [Together] Yeah. (upbeat music) – I recently went off birth control and it’s the first time
I’ve ever experienced acne. I’m worried that, I don’t know
why I care what people think, but I guess I’m worried about what other people are going to think. – So I think there is some professionalism related to how you present yourself. Guys don’t usually wear
makeup, so why should girls. – There is something about putting on makeup that does make me just stand up a little taller and go at the world with a
little more confidence. I don’t look tired cause I’m not. I’m not feeling sick cause I’m not. I’m just not wearing makeup right now. – This is probably the first time that I haven’t at least put
eyeliner on since high school. Normally I would do a
very heavy black eyeliner, some mascara and I would
cover under my eyes. So it’s not a lot but it’s enough that I feel very different. – I’m on my way to work
wearing no makeup whatsoever. When people aren’t wearing makeup, their humanity kind of radiates through and I put a little bit of coverup on some of these spots and scars here. – This is actually the first time that I’m going bareface to work. I normally at least
have some foundation on or something that just
covers up my blemishes. – I’m really excited about the prospect of just doing this all day and
not worrying about smudging. – I’m not very confident. I really shouldn’t be
scared of showing my face. This is my natural face. – It doesn’t feel like the real me. The real me feels like me with makeup on which is also a fucking
terrible thing to say. – No makeup with my dear friend. – No makeup. I feel fine, honestly. I’m not really thinking about it. When I see myself I’m
like oh, that’s different. – I can eat a messy lunch without worrying about my lipstick. – So I took some selfies at lunch. – Yes. – And I was like oh it’s
actually not that bad. – No, you look great. – You look great too. Knowing that there are other girls with me not wearing makeup. – Yeah. – It just makes me feel like,
oh, I’m not the only one. – Yeah and then you look at
them and they look great. – Yeah. – And then they tell you you look great. So it’s just like this really
wonderful cycle of acceptance. – I’ve been told that
I look glowy and dewy like a glossier beauty
without any makeup on today. – Makeup in general,
I think it accentuates a certain type of beauty but no makeup also accentuates a
different type of beauty. – Definitely. – And I think both are so important. – I’ve been feeling pretty good. I wonder if the guys are gonna notice. – Alright, Price. – Ash. – Question for you. – Okay. – Have you noticed
anything different about me or a lot of the women
in the office today? – Oh, shit. Does it have to do with makeup? – It does. – Okay. – Have you noticed anything about all the women at Buzzfeed today? – I actually did not and
now I feel really terrible, was I supposed to? – Okay, this is weird. – Uh, I. Really don’t see anything different. – Okay, I’m not wearing makeup today. – Oh. – You know, my thoughts
on women wearing makeup are like my thoughts on
women doing most things, which is do your thing. – You don’t have lipstick on. – Yeah. – You don’t have any eyeliner on either. – Wow, okay. – None of us are wearing makeup today. – Oh, really? Oh, you look as beautiful as always. No, seriously though,
I didn’t notice that. For me it doesn’t matter
whether you wear makeup or not. Whatever you’re happy doing. – I posted a picture of my fresh-ass face. – You did? – On Instagram and you commented that you had no idea that
I was wearing makeup today. – I didn’t realize that
you weren’t wearing makeup. You don’t look tired, you don’t look sick like the normal comments that women get when they don’t wear makeup. – You didn’t notice that most of the women you’ve come across are totally barefaced? – No. I’m like trying to go back through all the women I’ve seen today. – I still love you. – [Camerawoman] Do you? – Yeah. – [Camerawoman] You still
love me, pimples and all? – Mmhm. – Thanks, bae. – This is the end of the workday. I made it. It wasn’t that bad actually. You know the camaraderie
of all the women at work also not wearing makeup really made me feel more secure in it too. – Embrace all the flaws, all the scars, all these thoughts you have in your head, just let em go and take
it away with a makeup wipe and just be yourself. (upbeat music) – So as you may have
noticed, Boldly is now As/Is. – But don’t worry. You’ll still get all the
awesome content you’re used to. But just even more new great stuff. – Click here to subscribe. – Woo! Clicky click. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Women Go Makeup-Free At Work For A Day

  1. Well this is nice..i wish all the women follow this. Ladies wearing all these bright colours makes my brain occupied nd creates a craving. now I feel like they re just another human being, so much better !!

  2. this is so inspiring. I used to have really bad acne, but I don't anymore. I still can't go without makeup!!! I even work in makeup so its really hard to get away from it. I'm hoping to completely change my life and go into helping people or animals and maybe I'll be a no makeup wearing girl one day 🙂

  3. makeup is more about the routine….it's been proven that it releases good mood chemicals in the brain….also it makes one feel less naked.

  4. Their faces wouldn't look so pale I. The first place if they only wore eye make up and let their faces naturally tan

  5. When people ask me why I think humans should be purged by nuclear fire cause our stupicity mas made us unworthly, and we should leave room for cockroaches…. Ill link them this video

  6. Look how fascinated they are about not wearing make up like they discovered something crazy new. Only put it back on when it is Time for Dating so you have an Advantage over Men, lol.
    Btw. if you ask them why they wear it "for themselves" lol like someone else would believe it. Why so worried then? Oh yea and this means you shouldnt wear it when Dating or going out also. So try it, otherwise you Proof you do it for others, bc you feel not good enough or something. Ah and dont forgett Men dont wear Make up so maybe if you wear it try to compare you without make up to them so you dont think that highly of yourself which lots of Times let you think you surounded by Apes while you in Reality just an Ape with a Mask looking down on others. You may not realize that but it does affect your behavior! If you feel Beauty and good with make up, try not wearing it for a Month or so in EVERY part of your Life!

  7. With many of these women I’m just thinking “what scars and blemishes are you talking about? I’m confused.”

  8. When the girl with acne asked if something was different, the guy replied " I still love you" instead of saying " you look great without makeup on" … #sosad #acnehell

  9. In Malaysia, most women don't wear makeup to work, they only wear for special events or when they just feel like spicing up a bit.

    It doesn't matter whether you wear makeup or not. If it gives you confident, wear it. If not, you don't have to. You're already pretty no matter what.

    Trust me, as much as you feel pressured by men to look beautiful, those men that we are talking about are only 1% of the overall men population represented by the social media.

    Don't find lust, find love, then you will love yourself.

  10. honestly, i find them all looking great without makeup. if it isn't for a shoot, date or something, they can just be bare face at all times, and it'll just be fine. but i know off the bat, there will be women who won't give up due to insecurities or that they are simply make-up enthusiasts to go bare most of the time.

  11. Is there not a single woman in this office who doesn't wear makeup normally? or did they just not talk to her? i work in a very unglamorous field where I'm behind a desk all the time but I have never felt weird or underdressed for not wearing makeup at work.

  12. As a woman in programming, a domain dominated by men and where few women tend to wear makeup and dress up, I tend to be scared of wearing too much makeup or look too feminine

  13. You know it really irritates me when I see videos like this, because at the start all the women are wearing makeup and then they take it off with a makeup wipe!!
    Please cleanse your face, make up wipes don't take everything off.
    (Yes I am a Beauty Therapist and analyze people's skin for a living) 🙂
    Take care of your skin ladies!!

    BTW you all look amazing

  14. My dad would say are you okay hunny? You look pale and are you eating. I'm like dad I'm not wearing makeup this is how I naturally look. Even though I only wear eyeliner for one day.

  15. I just love how the guys didn't even notice anything different. So you wonder why some women are obsessed with make up. Just saw an interview of some woman saying she would never hire women who don't wear makeup, coz it means they don't care about their looks, so they won't care about their jobs….pssst🙄

  16. The curly haired girl at 1:11 is naturally beautiful. Sorry, the other girls look average. She’s the only one who actually looks good without makeup. I know everyone likes to praise and compliment and say only nice things but it’s also good to be honest and real.

  17. There saying how be bold and be urself. And they have like perfect skin XD it's gonna come easy for them ain't IT

  18. Can I just say I wear makeup every other time except while I’m at work lmao I had no idea how weird that is till I saw this vid ahha

  19. Makeup for me is a choice, I might occasionally wear it on the weekends because it makes me feel like a piece art. School would rarely, I don’t time manage well 😅, but it crosses the line when it becomes a choice made for you. Whether society made that choice or it’s your inner demons, it’s still your choice and no one else’s.

  20. Common guys !!!! U didn't no she was not using makeup…… Fake

    If the guy is hotter then the girls face, that's how u no she's not using makeup

  21. I've never gave a video a thumbs down before. But these girls all have pretty good skin, they don't look tired. It's not fair that they only showed people like that. Of course they're going to look good and feel fine

  22. I love make up so muuuch, but never wears it to work because my co worker ain’t that worthy enough for me to spend 20 minutes to put on make up.

  23. Why?? I get it if it makes you feel better but, May I say ALL of you have amazing skin goals!! Like tf!?!

  24. I don't wear makeup everyday haha come on ladies lol it seriously is not such a big deal. Invest in your skincare rather than makeup and you'll be more confident.

  25. I think they didn’t notice because the girls weren’t really wearing a lot of makeup like other girls like for example Beauty gurus people would forsure notice would like to see that

  26. Yeah ladies that’s what you actually look like, good for you. Btw if your a straight guy you have no chance of getting hired at buzzfeed.

  27. AMEN! I just feel so bad for women spending thousands of hours and dollars ..seriously? WHY? All trying to get back to teen beauty or what? competing with each other? I never got it….huh?

  28. I only wear make up when I'm going out like to see a movie or anything of scale, so I don't know if I get it completely

  29. Idk why makeup is being framed so negatively here. "Just take it off and be yourself" sounds like the polite equivalent of "girls who wear makeup are liars" not everyone is trying to cover things up or mislead people… Maybe it's just fun? Ever think of that?

  30. I felt bad for the lady that said she hadn't not had (I know it's confusing) eyeliner since highschool. That's kind of (a lot) sad.

  31. 3:10 fall in love with the guy who said womens look beautiful even without makeup..doing makeup or not doing it..is there own thing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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