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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based
story where we always share new videos regarding
work from home. So if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing. For today’s video, I will share with you a
website or portal where you can get work from home opportunity. This is something I shared with the students
that ask me often “Mimi what’s a good work from home job?” or “what online job can we start with?” where you don’t need any experience and it’s
suitable for beginners. One of them is ESL or Online English Teaching. ESL as English as Second Language Teaching It has already given many people online jobs. Actually, I’ve partnered with one of the top
ESL company in the Philippines which is Acadsoc. Since 2011, Acadsoc has been providing opportunities
for Filipinos like us to teach English to Chinese students. It’s an online platform where Chinese students
and Filipino teachers can all come together in one place. It’s not only open to students, Even if you are already 90, if you can still
teach properly Then go for it! If you still have the energy and the willingness to teach students the English language Then you can go and apply at Acadsoc. I really like their goal that they want to
provide stable job opportunities for English educators not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Actually, in the Philippines alone they already
have 8,000 teachers, so imagine that guys. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you
the benefits working as an Acadsoc Online English Teacher. How to apply for them, the step by step process,
I will share that with you. What are the requirements in applying And how you’ll get paid. And what are the extra benefits – aside from
salary – that you can get if you’re working as Online English Teacher. So stay with me until the very end of this
video to get to know about all this. Since it is work from home let’s start with
the salary. Acadsoc pays you every 1st and 16th of the
month. The average salary of an Acadsoc teacher is ranging from Php 20,000 to Php 40,000 While you are improving your skills, then
your salary can also go up. It’s gonna go higher. And their Payment is either through bank transfer
or Paypal. Like I mentioned, if you are working online. It is important that you have a Paypal account. Apart from your base salary you also get additional
bonuses. Like class completion bonus, referral bonus,
perfect attendance bonus, and enrollment bonus. The average salary of an Acadsoc Online English
Teacher is ranging around ₱40,000 So guys you can do this as a full-time job. And another good thing, another benefit in
working with Acadsoc is that you can be flexible with your time. So only when you’re available–if you’re not
ready to commit full-time, you can start part-time. They have class times, which we’ll be discussing
later. To the viewers that love kids or not even
if you love kids, if you just love teaching and sharing your learning then Online English Teaching is perfect for
you and you can try it with your personal schedule, flexible time you’re working at home so you’re in the comfort
of your own space and you can earn actual money by doing so,
like from interacting with multi-cultural students. And the nice thing is that they provide a
training and they also provide certifications or the TESOL certification which is Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages so you’ll be able to use that to broaden your
horizon and also for your career to solidify your
English knowledge. So, that’s a nice certification to have. Okay guys let’s talk about the requirements. Number one, of course, is your excellent English
communication skills. how are you going to teach English if you
don’t know English or if you can’t communicate in that language? That’s very important. Number two, you need to have a bachelor degree
or higher it doesn’t need to be specifically related
to education but you need to at least have a college degree. And then you have to be at least 20 years
old. The reason for this guys is that they want
to solidify their quality services to the Chinese, but it’s also good for us. Because if we can continuously provide quality
education or quality services then there are more chances that these kinds
of jobs will last longer here in the Philippines. Number four, you have to be capable of teaching
kids from kinder to grade 12. You need to have a lot of patience, you need
to be able to talk to kids you know kids get distracted easily, they
have lots of distractions, they don’t just listen. So you have to be able to hold the kids’ attention. Acadsoc has teaching hours. I mentioned that it’s flexible, so you can
choose any of these time slots. But you need to be available during these
teaching times. From Monday to Friday it’s 6pm to 10pm any of those times you need to be available. Also during the weekend, when the students
don’t have school you can choose any hours between 10am-10pm. It’s up to you on what to choose. Just make sure that you’re available during
those times. Number six, English certification exams are
a plus, but they are not required. So it’s okay, as I said before they’re going
to provide a training. Number 7 is important, especially during the
interview, they’re gonna look at the space behind your camera. As you can see here, I have a lot of clutter
like my pc and everything. because this is a distraction, especially
if you’re teaching kids. The space that they look for is clutter free a simple background and it needs to be quiet. So if your location is quite noisy, you have
to find a way to make it quiet. It’s important to them that the surroundings
have to be quiet during the teaching times. And the place where you’d be working needs
to be a well-lit space not like that you’re in a crime scene The student shouldn’t think that they’re talking
to an eye-witness. So the student needs to see your face, your
emotions while you’re teaching. It’s very important. Now let’s talk about the device requirements. Their device requirements is simple. You need to have a pc or laptop, that is running
on windows 7, minimum of core i3 and you need to have at least 4GB of memory. About the internet connection, your speed
needs to be at least 3 mpbs, upload speed of at least 2 mpbs. And it needs to be at least DSL, broadband
or fiber. And of course the last requirement as someone who’ll be teaching online you need
a good quality headset that has a noise cancelling feature so that if for example if you have white noise
in the surroundings, like this motorcycle that has just passed they won’t hear it or rather your students won’t hear it, they won’t get
distracted You need an HD webcam so your students can
see your beautiful and handsome faces, right? So those were the requirements, now let’s
talk about the application process. So if you are ready to apply, all you have
to do is click the link down below, I made it easier for you click on it in the description box and pinned
comment. It’ll take you on their web landing page that
you’ll see in the screen. That’s what you will see. All you have to do is fill in your information
together with your resume. Make sure that the resume you’ll put is updated,
not a resume that hasn’t been updated for 5 years. So make sure that’s updated. Once you submit your resume and information,
they will screen it. They will look into your skills, make sure
that it doesn’t have any grammatical or punctuation errors. So be careful about that. Make sure that it’s well-presented, simple
and direct to the point. They will look into qualifications. As long as you’re 20 years old, have a college
degree and can speak or converse in English excellently. Then the next step is the interview. In the interview, you need to show the best
of yourself. Usually, it’s just a background check on you. Of course, they’re going to look at how you
speak, if you can handle the conversation in English properly After the interview, the further step of the
application process is the training. They’ll train you in the teaching process. They’ll teach you about the tools, the nice
things to do, tips on how to handle a class better. Once you passed that, the next step is the
demo class. The demo class is the moment of truth. Get all the confidence you get muster. Because they’ll be judging you, checking you they’ll check if you absorbed what they taught
you in the training. If you’re ready to be an online teacher. As simple as the term demo class sounds, you’ll
be doing a demo class. How you would handle a session or a class
with your student. Okay. And of course, after that is the TESOL training its purpose is to maintain the quality of
their online teachers and after that, you will be able to open a
class. Once you opened a class your students can book a class with you. And of course, the more bookings you have
the more cash you’ll earn. The good thing here is that there isn’t a
limit on how much you can earn as long as you can work And apart from that as I said before they
have bonuses that you can get. And actually– why it’s good to apply now,
is that they’re having a 1 million referral lottery game. that is open to all their Acadsoc teachers It’s one of their first large scale referral
activity. Every time you have a successful referral,
you get a chance to spin the wheel! If you are interested to join the 1 Million
lottery game, I will put the link in the description box for their full mechanics So if you have friend who also wants to be
an online English teacher Then this is a great time for you and your
friends to start applying in Acadsoc this month. Actually, it’s best to do it now because this
will only run until March 31, 2020. So it’s really the best time for you guys
to apply in Acadsoc. So click the link at the bottom. Share it with your classmates, friends, family
members that want to work from home and want to earn
money without really leaving the house. You won’t get stuck in the traffic, you don’t
need to think about what to wear or have an allowance for the moment. All of that in the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to start the application
process and start earning from home. And that’s it for today. I will see you again on the next video, thanks
for watching! Bye!

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