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What’s up guys it’s Susie from and today we’re tackling one of my most common questions how do you keep
your knives sharp I’m going to show you guys how I do it with Work Sharp when you
cook a lot like I do especially in the Backyard BBQ space it’s super important
to have sharp knives and it’s actually a lot easier than you think the E5 from
Work Sharp is a sharpener designed for the home cook no more wet stones no more
sending your knives off to have them professionally sharpened this is something
that you can utilize in your home kitchen to make your knives sharper and
safer your cooking more efficient and definitely more enjoyable let’s talk
about what this thing does the e5 uses belts to sharpen your knife just like
the professionals use you simply tap the power button three times to completely
reshape and sharpen your knife if it hasn’t been done in two months or more
two clicks to give your blade a nice fine sharpened edge if it already has
the right shape and one click just to refine and polish if you already have a
sharp knife so I’ll sharpen mine and show you what a big improvement it makes this
is my favorite chef’s a knife I have not sharpened this thing in a while and I
have been using it and abusing it specifically so it’ll get nice and dull
so I can show you guys how to sharpen it as we can see right now I mean it’ll get
me through a tomato but it doesn’t have super fine edges it’s been used and
abused we’re gonna run it through the sharpener I’m actually going to shape
and sharpen and then I’ll show you how great this thing is my knife is sharp and ready to go of
course it’s going to work great on tomatoes but a sharp knife will serve
you in every aspect of your kitchen cooking especially as we head into the
holidays when so many people are gonna be cooking for their friends and family
having the right tools and sharp knife is gonna help you so much pretty if you
want to see my full review on the e5 sharpener including tips and tricks on
how you can use this in your own home kitchen head to my website hey grill hey
calm and I will give you the full rundown including how you can pick one
up for yourself

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  1. Where is cutting a brick, chopping wood or cutting a can before cutting the tomato?? Lol
    Happy Thanksgiving from the Ozark mountains in Arkansas!!

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