Working at Docbyte

A paper-free office… Many Belgian organizations and companies still have some catching up to do! Today, we are guest at Docbyte, a company that helps organizations to implement their digital transformation. Chiara, you work for HR. How does Docbyte make sure that employees feel good and happy here? Well, we provide different means to keep our employees active. We recently purchased two e-bikes. The employees can make free use of them, for example to go out for lunch, or just to take a ride. Moreover, we have bought a rowing machine, which is useful to stimulate blood circulation and to get more energy. We ensure that employees can stretch their legs during work. We have a stand-up meeting room, with two high tables, where colleagues can hold a short meeting while standing. Or they can use our bike chair, to have a meeting while cycling. We also try to participate every year in sports activities such as the Ekiden run. In addition, we make sure that we always have healthy food in-house. Fruit snacks are available every week, and we have a cozy breakfast corner where employees can make free use of healthy bars and grains. I can easily imagine that people would love to work here! Are there any vacancies? There are several vacancies indeed! Firstly, we are looking for a developer who can program full life cycle software in JAVA and who can convert functional specifications into efficient code. Secondly, we would like to recruit consultants who understand the customer’s workflows, analyze them and thereby advise, implement and maintain an appropriate information management solution. We also seek reinforcement for our customer success team. A person that should be able to understand the customer’s issues, finds suitable solutions and sets up software infrastructure, networks and systems. And finally, we also have a vacancy for a business developer: someone able to find new market opportunities, to introduce new customers and to maintain customer relations, through prospecting, lead generation and follow-up. How can interested candidates apply? That’s very easy. They can apply via our website, or they can send an e-mail to recruitment -at- Pieter, how is it to be an employee at Docbyte? As you can see, it is very pleasant to work here. We usually have to work very hard of course, but there are also many opportunities to relax. Many opportunities to relax! Not only a soccer table, isn’t it? You have quite some equipment available to make you feel good, don’t you? Indeed, it’s not just the soccer table! We have plenty of opportunities to de-stress… For example, we can relax for a bit and have a coffee or a minute soup or even have a go on our freshly added VR system in our relaxation area, so that we can take a longer break and clear our heads. Before you jump back into work again? Yes, before we get back to work, of course … You won’t be feeling good right now though, because I’m about to beat you! Tom, what is your role as a trainer-coach at Docbyte? Well, as an agile coach I combine two roles: I am a trainer as well as a coach. The great advantage of being both is that I can bring a very consistent story, both in training and in coaching. We always start with a theoretical explanation about processes, techniques, tools, etc. needed to make everyone know “what is this all about?” Afterwards, we base our coaching on those processes, techniques and tools, so that all of these become really useful and focused on the practice. And what specific type of training and coaching are you working on? Well, at the moment we are engaged in agile transformation, so it is clear that this is the main subject our workshops are dealing with. In addition, we’ve also had a number of workshops about process modeling and we are currently working on streamlining our way of working and collaborating, both internally and with clients. There are many existing processes that can help us, and that we can easily introduce. Thanks to the training and coaching, because our people exactly know what it is all about, they can really make those processes their own. As a result, they can avoid noise that can be present on the processes, and they can avoid misunderstandings with customers. And of course, this means that we can significantly increase our efficiency and effectiveness. So, in fact, coaching leads to continuous improvement? That’s absolutely right!

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