“Working Good With Our Hands” Jeremey Hodges Hammond church of Christ 09/15/2019

if if there will once again is a great
kindness that I had been,
luncheon address you again he
was a great finest at become out
of the first saints in Korea and the things
he said we’d make it so they had
no inheritance the kingdom by
didn’t myself up this morning to
t the jazz’s would better for us
and we will have ended in our
minds so when we use and we are
failing god’s right used
expectatio we are separate from community
fellowship week, and so is
important for us to understand
this and is not is all I did
know about very existential when of
meanness. The words that
existential means you’re letting
the thing you’re saying it’s not
just directl anything about this way there is
no such thing is that completely
theoretical faith we cannot believe in Christ in
theory it has to be something that is
out of long it has to be
something in the part of the way
that we not the way that we walk
and so that we’re completely holy we
are set apart from the world
that has really sad part in the
way to be used to live and setup
art and innocence and sewer lines
continue to be what god intended
as to be the reality is that
we’re not immediately Unison
writers guess we’re declared righteous
and declared innocent but we still live in, tell you that once you come
out of water there some
adjustment, you have to change
you have to do some things
differently and the things that happen: find
any gardenia law that Cheney on
your own Dr. Michael for you in
the way the human differently t because the new star Julia
differently now I think it’s
important to understand because
I know some people get very
distressed w La Jolla OK if he did things
you’ve done and I are changing
the way you that you’re going to
be, as in the way you walk but sometimes we forget what are
alike was like we firm get the
damage that we had done for cells
sometimes because it’s easier
way for dividend and other
people sometimes referred it all end of
the time because different I would tell you it is not
always easy to be different if you make a choice to put on
Christ and you still have to
stay sharp years you still have
to face your coworkers you still
hav and UCI to wind up waiting were it’s not easy to do but that’s when we’re forgetting
all of them, make it sends a
chill when we forgive one, 12
things we’ve done before the
jury ve I sometimes a little stories
that are more like an island at the pied piper did many people,
they send the same as they say
you know before does anybody
doing wrong ideas he wants to
have a sometimes we tell ourselves
stories are for a likely
candidate for five and they want
back in the day I was the stuff
I had gone locate your glorifying a former
likeness and when you think
about you like Ronald reagan’s
is supposed to be better so why
nobod and that’s what’s going on in
first Corinthians chapter six
units and people were taking one
another to court, they were
suing e not only first of all to you at
the Bundy was Seles’ your church
but second of all the Gifford
ever you can regain from this is any other items will not inherit
the kingdom of god do not been seen in mere 14
years or ideology ritual and
alters your family or
homosexuals northeast of the
desert rockers who w money were washed your sanctified when you were
justified in the Lord Jesus
Christ and spirit of our god
fidelity stage the congregation
Corrigan these easy sometimes waterfront,
sisters and brothers and they
cannot congregation of rules
able you don’t know what I
struggled you don’t know what makes
trouble if you don’t know what
the state, you don’t know what
battles they are still fighting
that and we also need to be careful
we should be somehow used to
think we’re all still struggle
with the states after coming to
the l has many of our possible
comeback some funded and it’s sometimes
will be tempted to go back to
the old days we were really good
feeling you and others were
really a swimming is a former deputies
has a couple of lines do with
it, it is anything from someone
else because you treat them into
w until the purposes of our lesson
on ago in review of the things I
love the screen now beginning to
understand the way they were and we need to understand the
cares about the need to understand and praising
god for these provisions all
hallows as to cultivate a spirit
can happen if the lead I even
more , but some said we are to
somebody else had once again
were happy for a visa, Scala
some evidence in court press to
remember ask but it doesn’t stop here is the
author calls is to start
self-supporting a we are to be not only taking we
are to be getting people into
Portland is part of the chains
that he is called us to make our
li value if we only under the 10
commandments like that we live
in a very full way we leave it
in a very mature way so we see
the e the city shut, neighbor’s house
the shock of your neighbors like
words mail service you know
servers boxers talking or
anything dollars anything connected and
validated at myself and others
to understand that they’re
connected because they’re called
about want a nice thing you have their
its mind now that thing you have
a belongs to me as if it is not
respecting to someone else on eighties and sensing over the
fact that something that belongs
to another person is in line and
I can’t let that ID until I like that thing that person find one
that property by one that shall
spy with that sort of aviation
and 1/2 and I don’t I like and so we’ve sat side of the
totally ignore things we have
the weekend because we see I can
happen until I have to think they bother the lab issues in this
respect a provision added that
his respect the well being of
others because for a minute until I’m not happy with what
got me to affect on as a starter
not happy with what god gave me
because someone has something I
w How do you like to talk over , so that our kids and saw seen
as a couple times there is going that like to your
old has not played his denial
know how long that rainy day comes one picks
up 9 to 8-inch gash in care of
that they can look at all what
someone else had it not have an
ide that part of the binding to be happening that what they have used it for
them now that takes a lot of children
are part of it because sometimes
we have to do know that feeling
I wish I had to insert on Sain main exports are terrible sin
seven visit the problem of the
10 top of the gentleman’s
tonight: week but in the back as
19 start four I hope we’re not at all in that season basis for
understanding everything easy to
say after this to our times as
kind of guy’s not say because I told you
sell some time to prepare its
case and we still the market’s
easing in because this is my
chara he cared enough to make its
wholly the starting gate he will
reimburse nine felony of the parties to you
when you shut out region.
Corners of your field nor shall
you got it means your hearts nor
shall yo you shut a steel nor deal also
delighted when another few shots
where falsely my timing just her
fame in a New York on Friday an be shown to pressure neighbor of
the wages of a fireman of
Jermaine you all items awarding
the shutout person Gavin or
places, a lending is god’s holy people
made using his nature and
character as a basis for their
actions that here is categorized along
with a lot of other things are
failing to provide for his idea
given to pay the workers on
tying I think it’s interesting that he
puts in clubs, proximity is the
idea of taking it into the
handicap just for a lot of what
we d , in the world would do
something like me what you have
every action: would do that , take every last bit of rain
over feel that way so that other
people wouldn’t have come play a character he meant would take advantage of other
people wouldn’t have sometimes when we want me back,
we’ll do the unthinkable to answer robbery in this case
the cat on the Santa Fe of shell
oil patch for neighbor when we’re been righteous to our
fellow humans weaver specter
they have and also the things
that help and had six sacks by
not o of anywhere I can to contribute
out what if you like a miniature
they have a little bit more in
possible at o’clock am a teacher so we’re still for mothers we’re
rebellion against Legato scenic
revival of them and us a proper
chapter three, you have an inte unleaded absolving so why is
this to record highs were two
other people think. It is a great testament
to his wisdom that along with
his own words of wisdom king of the words of ignored in
this case, a student machines,
we have some top of the world but
obviously you have someone smart: first
uses a five-iron out of the
humility that the fevers after
nine a listen to the wisdom of
this pra can things I’d ask you this
topic, do not use the before I die key deception lies far from the Guinier party Norwegians CD with a portion or with two
days might work that out a full and I sat on a
smaller , not being one of steel profane
the name of Michael booker a 12 day the great party
can be challenged your spiritual
like before, she got a darker a
little likely would often think being poured he’s not an
automatic protection from
selfishness and San Clemente
right now there are some time
browser war and I and still been four leading risk
of a feather individual
challenges in this button that
is something interesting about
what he s that’s maybe understandable as in as an act of desperation by the
four than in the main sinful to look in the prairies and
Dottie so much that I’m still
here and I discovered that the
studies and can reason: to
become some from someone’s got him know that someone has
stolen from a NT arrival for the orient understanding of the plan as a
holy war that they were sold for
your desk. They were. He was an
effort , filling us your property in
the steel excellent order to feel the
headlines the year before income
outside your door at four days a year of a process
insurance claim you wait and
find out what happens to live in the idea that they were really
for elimination of the angels and as of that we have a
new scheme involving somewhat
understandable, it is in need of
some selling even in every DC in of the way to start looking into
the chapter three, read the
words and Johnny mercer or is there are enough new
inverse treatment is this a
woman about what’s going on a
city known as jockey middle
district, Jorda that they were saddened to begin
saying her B.S. and browser will
not be battling in the current
drivers who want you to flee fr therefore beer for jean keating
over pensions I do not begin to
see yourself we have a permit
for other proceeding from the
stun PDT at soaring major injuries of
every tree that is not good for
just a comment on the five democrats questioned saying he
was yelling and they wanna know what her
paintings were look like
listening on that long for
coming under similar package
really means for me to us and say the man was to
choosing to share one to share
them with none of us who do what it’s a sin tax collectors also the
government and the city teacher
were shelling in any simple at no more than a
Cuban origin to resolve your questions and
I’m about as much of the Haitian do not take money from
anyone might force work easy one
falsely and the intent of the
York leaders in the job a lot of
t of the inmates were to send
exactly as it was even when it
was hard to Johnny mercer
indictment several moral
failures and use r the net is beginning to find
this seems he’s talking about the city and I can do when he
died knowing shared a guy in the indictment and he doesn’t
have been shared medium tax
collectors interconnection gains
tax cut to greet a day of cross
th the injuries was first four were
problems was the worst , owns a year and has been as
much on Idaho year 1989, he was in
charge of people in that you’re
the only uses Germany would you
believe someone is using a charter of
the city that the movie and as a low- density is an extraordinary one of the U.N.
turnaround year for the levees
and handouts of any say as $10.00 U.S. version was
set in all of every agent at the
designer balancing or be any candidate
who are these are areas of money
and a desire for end-around
island is the founding of the
day-lab the fact is that tax collector
and also as does not party has held the people, were
driving to go after the malls
and office also, but he is a very busy times he
says all don’t take more than
use of arms to your own design his pitches for
the dead people will actually
talking the talk to the soldiers died and so do the soldiers were
instructed to be tender pain of
use the power were stationed in
all of these cases that the tem to take what we think we deserve
when we have the opportunity to
sell up to 10 80 chooses not to take or in
some cases keyed more than
confidence that were supposed to make sure
that other people, was
rightfully theirs now live in the talks have sold
his interest in me, because of corruption of those people who have a great
power PC events before other many many
new stories they talk about
competition, those people who
have worked: all four of a sad
situation that might have some foreign aid
is the case but he’s not a new problem is a very old son and it has the use of the
exhaust and Kurds and uses me to learn content with
what you’ve been paying any verse chapter 13 PM, an interesting section of
the bookkeepers is getting
scored by the end of this letter
that the writer is 10 to 14 in
the non he does something interesting
thing is a very short and
straightforward amendments from one another connectedness
or, Stephen nomination for six
vs. a year he says level of gravity of the
agreement are still known as IBM
loving and other issues of any
sort of Cedras and other worries size of the event in your eyes
cannot neglect issue of the
strangers for by the summer
their teen angel Matt Millen
cases rememb being content with what you have 14 Sellers said I will never be
certain you no lighter for CQ so
that we make a lot of the saying
the letters my helper I will n of what will manage due to me this file said instructions and
the runner almost all of the 10
commandments which is a bit
ironic if you have since you
have to so even in spending more than
you normally would have someone
in your call woody Allen or
whether you got the truly loving
our b in the hurricane parts of the
board president in requires an idea of content I spent a lot more helping people that I normally would add things are going really
tight next month but it’s getting up at Rockingham to seize a survey quality that
we need to be able aren’t the
report and the rest of the
saints of the Japanese rooted in
faith t Joshua was the entire nation in
the military faction two or
write the people who are
stronger and bigger and more
supplied many go when you can do this as a quotation is from several
places in the salsa sometimes
regain its proper involves date
it is time to deal with
knowledge. these are the cable stations to
keep a writer users but you and I still worry about
a as they are not the color
nations and were worried about whether I
can really take care of someone
who needs it for some of the chapter six Kennedy was instructed to remain
congregation that this is to help the congregation it’s
very important lessons of the lessons are also pending starting first three university
six anyone acting to be productive as the resellers is firm or
Jesus Christ and often forgotten
its efficiency understands not unusual for teachers to
controversial questions in
dispute about worms, July and
the strike of use of language
the most fish cau but, as actually is a means of
breaking a copy by compact only brought up into the world’s
week at the beginning of the everyday routine, radiation
shopping content with those like average
fortification eyes stare in many
coalition of oracle desires
which climbs major role in an
destruction b for the love of money is a root
of all sorts of people and some by one important
wandered away from the days of
fierce themselves with many
Greeks to make the call to the
location, bu and lack of content with what we
have leaders, very sad and
salvage truck and at these
amazing that I think that he
will put the an Oregon currently all of always amazed the immigrants of finding any real difference
can people have given the extent
of-the-land that takes a lot more of the
activity of all the strands at age 80 reviews all of that
same errors as a novice to helping people
that the other is the widow.
Stress in as interesting as a lot when you’re trying to
make a quick buck made easy but
even that hurting yourself more than you into doing
anything that would be
beneficial Japanese war here is a
connection between green and end
up in false doctrine by midday alongside itinerary
stands we’re pretty sure you understand because there are people who
want to be the course of an
issue because it’s a couple they wanted change your position
on something and they will find
ways to make an attractive people think that people will
turn includes a preacher for any
you haven’t talked to a navy
seaman several occasions a new license and times insulting insolvent clean out
your family look at household and I’d say that’s
that’s really came after
somebody with the collapse of
the use of the degree to change
views on som then you start looking things
they have to do to be able to
make that kind of a file you have to change their
standards of right and wrong in
a line keywords kennedy’s stay away
from the dog involving the staff
Sargent workers to understand
that it’s now it’s no less true
toda either a lot of people who get
involved in these schemes and, and not always the lot of
times televisions with a lot of
times you have is a new thing to
branded as an investigative it a and they start looking at
women’s bible classes they start
looking either sisters restart
grain on them because they try
to bob blood there is just too much
problem with that is a raid at a
preacher looking to fleece
accommodations are far as we do
not nee that is inappropriate and
incorrect nothing new there are
about to but he also says something
inverse 17 he talks about son of
a group of people in her seventies and shoppers
region’s first hole not been
seen or texture, insert the
bridges of the audit and
racially supplie destructive you have to be
waging their works to a generous
and British Air store in
evidence of treasure of bad the
nation for there are people who are in the
body you have money but they do
not have a simple love it one
does not always mean the other
act in this world is an opportunity
to make spiritual investments
and oftentimes it happens and we
help our brothers and sisters to to do things that what you were
just having things they need to
open court press to realize that we’re not aware and displays in
the final thing we’re not and
does not seem anymore but we’re
getting to others and some
backing the CIA. Here’s a piece of these
for all of starting a verse 17 on real
way from 7 to 32 no one to start
the idea here again we will get
some before Sunday’s I savor together toward that you walk no longer just for
the gentiles also walked in the
futility of them on the door to
understanding the slider to liv and installs over to sensuality
for the practice of every kind
and caring for years but you did
not lower priced this game is pl an important lesson to see
anyone in the spirit of your
mind at all in new sales would
you like some of the redirection
is: some he says you can’t live like
unions to you can’t continue and
the things that were part of
your former light that’s not
what your same Hassan Bashir with the one
who has meaning the factions we used to engage
in our previous failures are now employed for
righteousness CNN’s very effective been using
all of our lives to accomplish
people so we’re called out to use all
of our like to fill our regional
nation in god’s will the same names are used to sell
its intake for other people now
work at the things are going to help
those who have me think about
the permit the saints game is
saying I doubt in my possession
by w contain for others but if I
She’s a lot of these the same as
a result, you say to do great things to work more
so than lives and it’s only a lucky few former slow Wan and cheesy loss to engage in WI shelters and took an hour and generously. The chin chapter five vs. one
through five, the talks a little
bit about this idea of
thankfulness the city images and Antoine
children he’s and walking one and her
students 1001 days of rest and
all 3752, creator of the
citywide in or out the specific sexual
morality in your home is that
timetable that is more worried than a fight in the
name owners are resents the
money developing its worst case;
course get a return of the pieces below what
the remedy and its brevity of
asserting that only a moral
encoders in person or, as many
as $9.0 that is in the middle that he
talks about the Factory Stores
we not create moments of these of the weapons seizures
the other side the effects they ever one of the solutions to results
as well, the lines. Effects were
not a whole lot less than one to have a look of the other
people’s men’s or women’s colder
months to pay off in my feet 11 and ceo of
thing, lines and Famer and payment a
year in 1980. In doing work and
life: called for an Iranian her son’s car loans and on the
green and also of consciousness
to maintaining a part of this is
an obsession with more info is n sometimes babies have been
example staying second Corinthians a
chapter the novice and great
examples for its idea to talks
about example we start talking
chapter any way for me when she and the
bombings in July. Each party
overflow and about remember out at the data and send it to our but they’ll have these endangered Tuesday in, day
in one of the basis for it and
and beyond their ability to a
gator bowl and pour it bad
enough that much urging for the
Faber pu so we urged tightens the
previous inning beginning Sunday
was a complete a view this
gracious work as well that is
you about eve that he likes to the wheeler
later on if there were the first
people to really talk about
doing this he’s not a thing as a command
returning to the artist is the
other systems charity will also
for you now the grace of our
Lord J senators his party Ceridian for
his party might become rich as generous workers supporting
the key thing from asking the
consoles it comes up along the
third sea of different places
and ta and what about the neon measure
of the 1980s it was terms he was
about being lazy you and I
cannot can literally not have yet he became 44 months of course in the second section
chapter nine talks with this
again months of the last passage
reread for inverse fine job than as a router drive in
the 1 to 1 ahead of two huge
arrange beforehand are
previously promised down DNC
they promised fir keener sense. He was a rich. The
end users about the walls of
reed, each one must be judged
the purpose is for not writing
we we to the always had it all
stations you everything you me
how to punish for everyone in
the passenger in the scatter on
the gate f knocking the supplies the
messiness or brighter. We’ll
supply and multiply your seat
pursuing increase the parties to
your right to god court that promised earlier to
get to work polymer mind than
the previous promise to make
sure they are ready to the green
givin the important that when we give an even read it or hers it is a demonstration of our
faith in god because he’s going to take care
of its not if you get you become rich but you get more of the useful
to you mentioned out what you
need to continue to be good to
get in some units were able to see
what the right attitude is, so for all of us here we think about our former white with the one thing is being done
in submissions we think about
the ways we taken from others to
benefit ourselves of the things to the weekend basis after some of the Oregon are you living alive is free
from one for taking along to
others are you learning the contents with things that got into the car you willingly and faithfully
getting to the others who have
needs now maybe you’d never made a
promise maybe never made an but today on a stand-up the
respective and at the time you wash a day in: you’re on the UK, a day of their status for losses,
he was entered as user fees,
turned off by reservation only say no. You have a common dilemma for sure that he’s the
same of his job as a base of the
Asian demonstration, raise money to stay out of the year honors: the rest of my life, and
she’s aware of some of the hell is profitable again alive.
Daily lives of his first five holes and burial was
at his behest of regional
planning creature in this
evening you have spiritually

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