Working LEGO Combination Safe

Hey everyone, Jason here today I’m excited to show you my latest LEGO model which is this working combination safe. Last week I posted a fun little video of some of my minifigs stealing my gold out of it, but today I’m going to show you how it works and tell you how you can build one of your very own. So the
first thing we’re going to do is actually open it up and this works just
like any other three number combination lock you might be familiar with. We spin the dial two full rotations clockwise before stopping at the first number, then one full
revolution counter clockwise before stopping at the second number, and then clockwise again directly to the third number. Now obviously I don’t have any
numbers on this dial, I’m just using this printed radar dish from the mini
Millennium Falcon which was a set that was released in 2003, so I just have to
remember which symbols to stop at. But anyway, now that it’s unlocked I can throw the deadbolt and take the safe out of its surrounding frame, and open it up, and see that my gold bricks are still secure, and here we can see the discs of the combination lock as
well as the deadbolt down here. Now I actually have a stand-alone model showing how the
locking mechanism works, and as you can see they’re the same. So how does a combination lock actually work. If we take a look at the discs you can see that each one of them has a slot in it, and when the slots are all lined up like they are now, after you
inserted the correct combination, then the deadbolt can slide into them, unlocking the safe. When the discs are all oriented randomly, which happens when the safe is locked, and the dial is just randomly turned, then they prevent the deadbolt from opening. Each disc also has a tab on it, which allows it to catch on the adjacent disc., and this allows you to influence the position of the second and third
disc when you turn the dial. This is also why you have to turn the dial two full
rotations clockwise to ensure you’re actually moving the third disc when you
stop at the first number, and when you stop at the first number it actually positions
the third disc into the correct orientation. Then when you go one full
revolution counter clockwise you’re catching the second disc again and when
you stop the second number it stops the second disc at the correct location. And then when you move the dial to the third number it just stops the first disc in
the correct location. Now the slots are all lined up and I can unlock the safe again. Now let’s take a look at how the safe actually goes together. I’ve created a
simplified version of the frame just so you can more easily see how it’s created. Now a lot of people have built LEGO safes in the past and most of them suffer from one major flaw in that if you really want to get into them you can just take them apart, because
they’re built out of LEGO, and I really wanted to design this safe in such a way
that you couldn’t really do that, so as you can see I have a Technic frame here and these are just some Technic beams that are connected using these Technic pins, but the
beams themselves are connected using these plates that are placed from the
inside and once the plates are attached they prevent the beams from being able to be separated and then once you actually insert the
interior of the safe, because it’s flush with all those plates you can actually take
those plates out in any way or detach them from the Technic beams. Now obviously it’s all just built out of plastic and good hammer or a saw will allow you to easily get into the safe,
but within the rules of the LEGO system there’s actually no way to get into the
safe unless you know the combination. So to actually lock the safe we can throw
the deadbolt, which as you can see slide between these two Technic beams and
then spin the dial, which orients the discs all randomly, and now I can’t actually open the deadbolt, and that deadbolt prevents you from sliding the safe further in or taking it out. If you’d like to build a copy of the safe for yourself I have created step-by-step building instructions which you can find on my
website at I’ll add a link in the description below and at
the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed the model and the video, thanks for
watching, keep on building and I’ll see you next time.

100 Replies to “Working LEGO Combination Safe

  1. So… it's made of lego right? hits it with a hammer the whole build collapses thanks for your hair growth serum

  2. What prevents you from pushing the deadbolt part out of its location and then pushing it inwards? And why can they not pull out the beam that has the lock parts? If they have all the mechanical parts free-floating, won’t the system fail to work?

  3. Um, guys, how would a mom being a cool mom for Christmas find all of these parts? How would I know what to order? I found the pdf with the list, but how would I purchase the legos…and know the serial numbers and such? In the dark. What a cool thing! Thanks for the instructions!! 🙂

  4. Dude. Cool. Educating and pretty cool as well. Soooooo want to make one except probobly don't have the pieces. love that you can't dismantle it.

  5. 3d print two of the pegs in the corners in a special way so they can be pushed out with an axle, and if you do so you can bend one side away from the safe and take the box out. Works as a secret failsafe.


  7. I mean if if you put real gold there and robbers robbed your house , theyll pay attention to it and probably not do any effort because theyll just brek into it

  8. I really want to get into lego technic to learn about how different mechanisms and machines functions but I have no idea where to even purchase the parts.

  9. The interesting part is this might actually survive a real burglary because theives don't usually crack Lego safes….if as part of a toy display it might survive…. "Hey Mike look he's got a Lego safe in his Lego collection…." "Uh huh beautiful so you mind giving me a hand here? Trynna bust this real safe open"

  10. After not seeing this for a while until now, I realized that you actually could take it apart without damaging the pieces. Using something thin enough like a technic axle through the holes where the pins are, you could push them out and proceed to deconstruct it from there.

  11. Man I love how lego can be used to both imitate and learn how things work like locks such as this or car gears, engines, etc.

  12. The down part about this is that it’s Legos so if your older brother wanted to take some money from you and you use this well your brother will be walking away with cash

  13. When a lego purist who forgets the code but refuses to break legos meets the challenge of opening it, your in for a show.

  14. that seems smart and everything… but cant you take apart the safe from the outside front? i mean i cant really see in the vid if its possible to do so, but it might be, like the dial can definatly be taken off, right? yea you get what i mean

    edit: actually nevermind. i jus looked at the building instructions… nice build man!

  15. Hopefully this will become an official LEGO set because it would be so cool to have a lego safe in my bedroom!

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