Working on the CorpEng Team at Google

(soft music) – It’s very different to work at Google than outside of Google. There’s definitely a lot
more collaboration here than any other place where I’ve worked in. I’m Cintia D’avila Rodriguez,
and I’m a software engineer, here at Corp Eng at Google. Corp Eng is short for
corporate engineering, and it’s where teams use
cutting edge technology to help other Googlers stay productive. I’m originally from Mexico,
migrated to Chicago. After doing a little bit of programming myself as a teenager, I knew that software engineering was what I wanted to do,
and the passion that I had, but also the challenge that
I had been looking for. I then went on to pursue a
degree in computer engineering from the University of
Illinois at Chicago. And I’m proud to say that I completed the first two years at
a community college. Shortly after, I was working in the field as a software engineer, and that’s when Google reached out to me with an opportunity that has
really changed my life around. I think when they reached out to me, that was the eye opening experience of, okay, maybe I am Google material. Maybe I have that drive
that it takes to be there. I think it’s all about who you are and what you have to give, and not where you went to
school or where you grew up. I’m currently working on
a project for revamping how we handle accounts for customers and partners for Google
Cloud, which is pretty central to a lot of the cloud processes. There was a time at the beginning of the current project that
it was such a struggle to be able to know exactly
what we needed to do, but once I had the design, you’re just eager to
come into work and say, Look, I was able to figure all this out. I think what it takes to be successful as a software engineer is
just have that internal drive or inspiration within yourself, or through others to just
continuously keep learning about the different tools,
or different technology. It’s a fastly evolving career, so it’s not that it’s
hard to keep up with it, but you do need to have that
drive or that inspiration to just want to learn about
that new tool that came out.

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