100 Replies to “WOW! BULLYING WORKS?! New Sonic, Kylie Jenner Fake News, DACA, HORRIFIC Australia Fires, & More

  1. Hit that like button or I'll bully you. Not really. I hope you're well. I'm wearing joggers. They are very comfy. my whole outfit, in general, feels like Im walking around in covers. Anyway TIMECODES: Sonic 00:08 – Kylie 1:44 – SCOTUS 3:16 – TIA 6:10 – Australia 7:51

  2. We need to put Australia back on track and vote for labour our nation has always done better under labour, 2008 and how we weren't affected was due to labour, economic growth has been better under labour, Australia does better under labour. Also, it doesn't matter who is in government but we need them to work for the Australian people to protect and prevent from future Bush fires.

  3. That video with the guys daughter dates back a couple of years. I would say at least 3 to 5 years. It was on my FB feed, that is where I remember it. What is old is new again.
    If Oz does anything that could possibly limit access to industry or raw materials, China would pull out. They would lose billions. Climate change, manmade or not or even right or wrong, good or bad, is here to stay.
    I am surprised China has not stepped up to help out one of its provinces on fire. Taiwan offered to send aid and fighters and was denied by the Australian government. Why? One China. Damn. I know the flag cannot be flown legally in Australia due to that, but turning down assistance? Wow.

  4. my sister lives on the border of queensland and new south wales while i’m over on the west coast, it’s extremely scary and we’re all scared for her, my niece and my brother in law

  5. Can we stop calling it climate change and call it global warming again? Was a lot scarier back when we i was taught "global warming" in school.

  6. Imprisoning a bunch of innocent kids is turning some into criminals. Please wait for me to get over my shock okay I am over my shock now.

  7. Peer reviewed academic paper having to do with climate change for anyone interested:
    (Link to download page, not paper.)

  8. Asking me to hit the like button before I have even watched your video is like asking me for sex when you show up at the door to begin our first date. In the words of Mallory Nox "Don't be so fucking eager".

    I mean the character in Natural Born Killers.. not the band.

  9. This situation is ironic to me because not only are my surroundings set on fire but I'm studying for exam tomorrow related to climate change and the amount of info in the slides that's unrelated to test questions they give us makes me think my grades are about to go down in flames as well… Maybe this is why no one in Australia understands the importance of climate change

  10. I kind of wonder if the original sonic design was a marketing ploy to get people to talk about the movie, and a redesign was already in the works

  11. I think it will come to the internet bulling Directors or Studios to redo things even if things look good but at the same time Studios should take the time to do their research before making said film.

  12. A company listening to their consumers is a great thing the main question is though who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to have a character that soooooooo many people grew up on from the past 2 generations and change the entire look of it and think it would be ok with the consumers.

  13. The world's newest religion, climatism doesn't allow freedom of thought. It'll tell you what to believe and how the world will end. This religion is an offshoot of environmentalism. Even when none of their prophecies given to us in its holy books such as An Inconvenient Truth actually happen, they only shout louder and believe more. For the believers, the debate is closed, and instead of kindly teaching no believers in the right way, they simply excommunicate them, myself included. My crime? I said, "The CO2 is already in the atmosphere. At this point, we ought to be focusing on adapting to a warmer Earth rather than trying to stop the warming." but that's not a part of the climatist gospel, you are required to believe our main focus ought to be slowing the warming, despite the fact that estimates show its economically more viable to adapt to the warming. But this will brand you a heretic.

  14. Climate Scientists: "The entire world is negatively impacted by human activity."
    General population: "Oh, no! What do we do?"
    Climate Scientists: "Lower your carbon footprint."
    General population: "Ok, how?"
    Climate Scientists: "Keep complaining until someone figures it out."
    General population: "I thought the scientists would figure it out."
    Climate Scientists: "Nah, fam, we're only here to tell you there is a problem and blame you for it."

  15. Nothing, and I mean nothing, pisses me off more than the dismissal of made-man climate change. ITS SO OBVIOUS. STOP IGNORING THE TRUTH. Thank you Phil for covering this bullshit.

  16. Yet the USA is the 2nd worst country for climate change action. Australia is still very bad being ranked 5th worst.

  17. The sonic situation is a pretty important step in the right direction when it comes to making movies on established IPs. If they wanted to keep their pure artistic vision they could of created a whole new character or design. However, since they decided to cash in on the Sonic fandom they have to at least not disrespect the original design for their "vision" of what sonic should be. This is all assuming they actually wanted the extra boost in sales.

  18. we should all send love to the directors and the rest of the team working on the sonic movie!!! lets show them we very much appreciate their changes❤️

  19. Mostly every law that trump has passed or attempted to pass, has showed generally NO interest to the general public, like nothing that could really help any of us effectively making him a useless president whether we like him or not.

  20. I don’t think they will never remove the DACA, they are always gonna keep taking about it, always gonna say they are going to figure something out. But they will not do anything about it. Because we all know this people make A LOT OF MONEY from DACA.

  21. The whole remington thing…
    What is suing the manufacturer gonna solve?

    Did anyone sue Dodge when that monster killed that woman with his Dodge Challenger?

    Did anyone sue Popeyes because that monster killed another human over a sandwich?

    It's ridiculous, and ridiculous the SCOTUS allowed it to proceed.

  22. To be fair he's sort of right.

    Australia is literally on fire so the last thing the government should be worried about is discussions on whether or not to believe in climate change.

    Their first priority should be saving as many people as possible and figuring out how to stop the fire.

    Once their country isn't roasting alive then they can go argue about the validity of the science behind it.

  23. I won't take climate change seriously here in America. We are so incredibly clean compared to China, India, ect. Let's see Greta go stand up to those countries first! They are the problem, not America.

  24. There is a 4,163 km (2,587 miles) distance between Australia and New Zealand and a smoke plume was expected to appear in the western areas of the North Island of New Zealand from over the Tasman sea making landfall on Wednesday evening, including Taranaki, Waikato, Northland, and Auckland. This will apparently make the sunset in these areas very red looking.

  25. you’re exhausted by climate change deniers? my dad is one and he is convinced that he is the smartest person in any room he’s in. there is no arguing with him so i just sit there and listen to him spit bullshit about it until it’s convenient to leave the room. THAT is exhausting.

  26. Well with sonic this was a more unique situation since his entire character is a single image, unlike say Ghost Busters 2016 or Terminator dark fate they have a multitude of factors that to varying degrees require to please fans. They failed on that and the advertising and interviews ignoring audience members. This was a good thing. They did no t change the story or setting or really anything else for sonic and I think the move will do well.

  27. Re: your question — I think this was unique, as it has GOT to be obvious they took NO polls, did no focus groups and asked NO ONE from the fanbase "hey what do you think of this?" before heading straight into post production. Unfortunately, I can see this setting precedent and the outrage backlash tactic becoming a future issue.

  28. About the Australia thing, phill you probably should of addressed the fact that our school walk out climate strikes have been going on all year, protesters are literally being beaten, spat on and ridiculed. At a protest against the meat industry’s unsustainable practices this week people were literally throwing pieces of meat at the protesters. Our government is making it seem like anyone who cares about climate change are crazy annoying idiots and they refuse to do anything to change. They banned plastic bags and that’s about it.

  29. Regarding the Sonic thing, I don't think it's actually a unique situation. This is one of the things movie creators have to deal with when taking on a character or series that has such a huge following. Another example of this is The Last Unicorn. That book has a really big audience and there were plans to make a movie, but because the fans were so vocal about how the characters needed to look, the entire thing was scrapped. It all depends on how strongly tied fans are with characters and how vocal they're willing to be, but this is in no way a new or unique thing.

  30. When people complained about the terrible Sonic design in the original trailer…they weren't being "toxic" or "bullies" or anything of that nature. Not in the slightest. Bullshit needs to be called out for what it is. Fans know what they want. When the majority of people agreed that the design was terrible…..it was the internet's job to make the creators see. This is one of the extremely rare cases where the complaints actually worked, and the studio fixed the problem. I have extremely high respect for them because of this. The movie looks 1000 times better. I wish them the absolute best with ticket sales and hope that their hard work pays off!

  31. Sonic is actually not a unique situation, just a well publicized one. An elf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy got a speaking line in the third film because superfans were so enamored with his silent appearance in the first film (see: Figwit, credited as Elf Escort in Return of the King), so that’s an example of film makers listening to fans and incorporating their feedback in a super fun and positive way (even though it’s only relevant within the fandom). I think there’s a risk when story tellers listen to fans too much, but interacting with your audience’s feedback can provide awesome opportunities, even if it’s just for nerds like me to get some more Figwit.

  32. Phil please cover pokemon sword and shield being incomplete games. https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/dv438w/complete_list_of_all_problems_known_so_far_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  33. Can we stop with the Keeps Hair Loss ads? Any bald guy with half a brain knows there's no real hair loss prevention on the market worth trying, they don't work.

  34. Why are people allowed to sue a manufacturer of anything for misuse by the purchaser, no one sues craftsman over rheir hammer being used in more homicides than any "assault/military style weapon" which no one can actually tell me what the fuck that means.

  35. A lot of media companies and "journalists" call gamers and fans "entitled" but it is entitled to think we need to consume your garbage product you pulled out of your ass. Of course there are people who will always complain about this and that, but if your entire fan base says it is shit…it's probably shit

  36. I honestly believe that the newer version of sonic was what the movie was always fully animated with but the crappy version was used just in a trailer in order to generate publicity

  37. In regards to DACA, Children are not, and should never be used as bargaining chips. This is one of the things that we protect children from.

  38. I live in a smaller town called Coffs Harbour (population of about 75,000- not big, but not small). It's on the east coast of New South Whales, with fires raging just inland of my home. In a sense Coffs has been surrounded by some of the largest fires in the state. But, I'm trying to stay optimistic that our firefighters will prevent the fire from ever reaching Coffs.

    It also makes me happy that your spreading awareness of what is happening in our backyard. I'm sure many of the Australian's that watch your show would love to see you cover more Australian news, more specifically our dumpster fire of a Government. Thanks Phil!

  39. I think from here on out any world leader or politician who denies climate change needs to be replaced, pronto. It's the only way we have any chance of saving the planet. We have to stop letting the minority of ignorant people keep making bad decisions that affect the rest of us.

  40. Phillip you are a little nutty. You do not care about how the climate activists effect the people of Australia. The leaders of the country lied about NOT putting a carbon tax on their people. They did which effected the lowest earners of their nation. It became about so unpopular that it was repealed. In short you hate politicians who give voice to the people? YOU NEED to understand how humanity works and have better diplomacy skills.

  41. I doubt Sonic will be movie of the year, and will probably not have a coherent story or plot or anything. But considering the cast, I think it will at the very least be a good time. I'll still watch it even if the only good thing is the cast.

  42. One of my good friends in highschool was an immigrant from Mexico. She speaks English fantastically but would hang out with me at lunch and I would help her write and articulate her papers for English. I really hope they keep daca. The program has bad apples but shouldn't be gotten rid of just because of that.

  43. It's a good thing. As we have seen with other dumpster fires like the Live Action DC Universe – when studios take pop culture and try to cash in without understanding the original content it goes to shit fast (Im looking at you Leto Joker and the Martha Fiasco of Batman V Superman). Maybe they will try to actually research the subject matter and bring in the original creators to have input going forward so a better end product is produced. Everyone wins honestly.

  44. Everytime I hear some old politician deny climate change, I die a little inside. It really isnt hard to understand, they have 5-10 minute videos that explain climate change. Fucking corrupt politicians need to go fuck themselves to see how they are fucking us. To any person who denies climate change… fuck you, you ignorant fuckers

  45. With sonic it wasn’t bullying it was genuine criticism and valid points, there is a difference, this is a very good thing, it’s a good thing that the studio listen to what fans did and didn’t like.

  46. i’m usually very against entitled consumers demanding that art fulfill their needs, but i think the sonic thing is a special exception. in the era of sequels and prequels and rehashing old IP’s, studios should at the very least be obligated to make something that appeals to the fan base they’re capitalizing off of

  47. bruh what up with yt tho? loads of people I'm subbed to are just gone… that a ccoincidence or summint? seems fishy to me.

  48. Climate change is faked to make money to fund the illuminate who hide the truth of flat earth to keep us brainwashed into believing whatever we are told by elitist lirzardmen apache helicopters, do not fall for their lies!

  49. honestly, about the sonic thing, i just dont know how they were able to get it so wrong the first time, but so right the second time. its as if the first time the company had only ever heard of sonic and what he looked like and tried to create a character from their heads. then the second time, its as if the company just replaced all their own vfex workers with vfex workers from sega themselves. i am glad they got it down so well this time, i just dont know how

  50. Australian here, our government care more about winning the love of oil companies, banks and big business then anyone. To the point of killing the great barrier reef by allowing mining companies to dump waste on it. They refuse to listen to all scientists on climate change, instead worrying about how much the coal companies would lose out if they switched to renewables. Also they have been cutting funding to key areas like fire dept, hospitals, schools, ets So they can get into a surplus (because thats all that matters apparently) instead of actually getting big companies to pay there taxes.
    They got excited that they got like $500k from "centrelink cheats" who were taking advantage of the system (therefore making it harder on the people who actually need welfare), when there is literally MILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars they could be getting from just making companies pay the correct tax. Its so infuriating

  51. Hey Philip would you could you talk about the doll customizing community in one of you’re next shows? YouTube has categorized them as family-friendly kids content when the creators themselves have not, putting there videos on YouTube kids. One of the creators known as moonlight jewel has made a video saying that several people in the community are getting strikes for videos that are not family friendly which obviously they wouldn’t be. Doll customization is like any other art form and it’s plain stupid that the community is getting hit for not dropping a curse word.

  52. Phil I love you man and don't get me wrong, but I think there was no need to label people expressing their opinion through the dislike button or so.. as act of bullying, I didn't think of it as bullying until you brought it up.

  53. Every DACA recipient is an illegal alien and has no right to be here. The only reason they get to stay is because America is compassionate, not because they have a right to be here. Congress should work out a deal with the President or pass a law if they want them to stay. If you are not a citizen, living in America is not a right, so create a law to make the illegals legal and end all the drama. DACA was bullshit and kept the issue from being handled correctly. It made the kids live in fear and be beholden to democrats for ever. Let them live here freely or deport them. It is a cruelty to have people living every day with an axe on their neck.

  54. For the movie thing I think its ok to change the art style or details. Its not ok to change the story telling or message. The specific case matters.

  55. The intensity of the fire is likely due to the Melaleuca (paper trees): they have highly flammable oils in their leaves, and canopy fires can be so intense that they ignite topsoil. South Florida has had wildfire problems due to the invasive Melaleuca, but we've mostly mitigated the risk by removing stands and preventing their spread. Australia probably just needs better management practices to prevent catastrophic fires; being all "CO2 is bad, y'all; stop using electricity" isn't going to solve anything. The so-called environmentalists are just fear mongering for political power — if it was about saving the planet, they would focus their efforts on China and India to get the plastic pollution under control because it is the much more pressing matter.

  56. Isn’t capitalism supposed to supply demand as efficiently as possible? So companies pandering and bowing down to criticism and demand is exactly what they should be doing.

  57. I pay for YouTube premium to not see ads yet these youtubers fill their videos with ads, I HATE ads, please stop putting ads in the middle of the video, at the very least respect your audience enough to place your sponsors at the end, I don’t understand how people are okay with this.

  58. If backlash at companies actually causes products to be better, then good. Whatever it takes to get through the think skulls of the wealthy.

  59. My best friend's boyfriend actually works at a vfx studio who did work on the redesign. I asked him if they put people on that project as punishment and he laughed and laughed…and did not answer the question

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