Young Artists At Work – 2018 Apprentices Sakiah, Mikaya, Emily

so y’all program for me has been a very
enriching experience I didn’t just like grow in my skill and like painting and
drawing I also grew as a person at the beginning of the program they told us
that we would be around a lot of people that were like us and I really didn’t
believe them because there aren’t really a lot of people like me because I’m
different but I started to talk to people and like realize that there were
a lot of people like me and it’s really been an awesome experience at the
beginning of the program my skills weren’t as good as anybody else’s I
thought but during the program other people taught me what they knew and I
taught them what I knew I really look forward to doing the program next year
and I would recommend it to anybody who loves art or like fills that’s what they
want to do but first year y’all was summer of 2017
I was scared on the first day but I eventually got over it once I get to
making friendships and seeing how the whole process works you always a way to
meet other artists in the community who share the same interests as you you can
also learn from those other artists and help build up your own art skills what I
want to do for the rest of my life as a career as a job has been on my mind a
lot lately it’s very important to me to be a successful woman in life I consider
being a lawyer or a therapist but I know those professions won’t make me as happy
as being artist being successful doesn’t necessarily mean having some big fancy
jobs being successful is reaching and accomplishing the goals you set for
yourself YAAW is the eye opener and an inspiration and that’s how YAAW as
impact in my life I’m Emily Matta I’ve worked for the Arts Commission for
three years and initially the game plan was to show up make my art and leave I
had no intention of making any kind of friends I wanted to coast by quietly
under the radar unnoticed I wanted to take in the experience with the least
amount of human interaction as possible that was my first year in 2016 this is
my third time in the program and two times as a senior apprentice I was asked
to quantify with the Young Artists at Work program has done for me personally
or how it’s changed me this is a very difficult question for me to wrap my
head around so allow me to pose some questions to help explain why this
particular query is so enigmatic how does one quantify the thing that changed
them into the person they are today how does one identify what parts of
themselves came from where how does one disconnect all that they have learned
over the years from who they are to break down what YAAW did for me would
be to dissect my personality as a whole what exactly in YAAW made public
speaking so easy for me what exactly in YAAW made me unafraid to express myself
in the presence of others what exactly in yah made challenging myself to go out
of my comfort zone in my art as well as in my everyday life something I try to
do every day I’m not saying that YAAW is the only factor for change in my life
I’ve grown up with YAAW I started as someone who didn’t even
think she would pursue a post-secondary career in the arts now I’ve been
accepted in the Art College of my dreams and I’ve been going to school there for
about a month y’all made me a stronger artist a
stronger person and a stronger leader its impact is present in all parts of my
life I find it easier to articulate myself I find it easier to teach and to
lead after having been trusted in a position of authority for two
consecutive summers I changed from a devoted introvert to an expressive
extrovert and I couldn’t be more thankful for that I find inspiration
everywhere now so I guess what I’m trying to say is that YAAW is more than
just painting pictures YAAW made me fearless YAAW made me expressive YAAW made me ambitious YAAW made me me

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