5 Replies to “YouTube Business Metrics – Feat. Renee Teeley – Video Marketing

  1. Great info! So many companies focus on view count when oftentimes, that isn't what really matters. We mainly use YouTube to educate our users on how to use our product but also have weekly live streams to bring experts in and build engagement and trust.

  2. ha I was waiting for this one to come out since walking in on it literally and walking out at the end of the haha great stuff!

  3. There are channels where they have a higher quality of engagement with their viewers and subscribers. On the surface, it may seem lukewarm, but they are targeting the needs of the customer. This primarily works in niches where competition is low. Some industries have low visibility on YouTube. The company that takes the time can find video marketing a productive, low-cost component of their marketing strategy. Also, B2Bs can cut up their YouTube videos into a shorter version and serve them up onto Linkedin. Use the content you have already made and upload it onto other social media accounts like Facebook Groups and Instagram. Brand awareness is key!

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