Zave: a smart corporate governance platform for Growth Companies

Zave is a platform built for companies
to manage all their corporate governance in one place. You, your investors and your directors can easily track imported dates and deadlines, communicate and manage tasks
with your corporate secretary and store key company information and documents. You can also sync your Xero account with Zave to bring
your company’s financial activity onto the platform. Let’s see how all of this comes together to change the way you handle your compliance and finances. Long email threads are a thing of the past. It’s hard to get what you need when you don’t know where to start looking. Tasks allows you to easily communicate with your service provider, assign tasks and check on the status on work being done. When you’d like to add a task bring up our task concierge where you can select
from a range of standard corporate actions that will guide your request and speed up the communication process. Running a business is pretty exciting stuff, but what’s not exciting is trying to
find a corporate resolution that was drafted way back when. That’s why we created Timeline to chronologically store all your corporate actions from day one and store their associated documents on the cloud. Next, we’ll explore
all the compliance related features on Zave. Never miss a filing again. Compliance Vitals gives you an at a glance overview of all your important company dates, deadlines, exemptions and registrations. Cap Table shows all the current, pending and previous records of your company’s Cap Table. You can quickly and easily see the number of shareholders in your company and how those shares are allocated. Easily share your cap table
with directors and shareholders to keep them in the loop. Similar to Cap Table, Boardroom provides
an overview of your board of directors from the present, future and past. Each directors details including name, nationality status, appointment date and
resignation date are all listed in the table. If you use Xero for your accounting, you can connect your account with Zave and manage some of your finances
from the portal as well. Keep track of your financial vitals, reconcile bank transactions and process staff expenses and bills all in one place. The success of any business starts at its foundation. Try Zave for free today and better manage your corporate governance and financial activity.

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